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  1. Thank you Carlosan. Here is another little bug concerning the color palette. When importing more colors than the current number, not all new colors are displayed. You have to close and reopen the panel for the whole panel to be displayed. In the video above, we see that new colors cannot be inserted when the cursor is not on an existing color. In the same way, when you delete all the colors, it is impossible to add a new one. Is it the same on your side? Thank you
  2. Thanks again for your help Carlosan. I made a video capture:
  3. Hello community, When I save my color palette (space key) and load it, a quarter is not saved. Do you also have this problem? Thank you.
  4. I contacted Andrew. This problem is fixed in version V4.9.67 ! Thank you Carlosan :)
  5. Thank you very much for your help Carlosan I will contact Andrew and give the solution here if it exists.
  6. Hi Carlosan, Can you create a sphere with an equirectangular texture of 5 000 x 10 000? The texture of the sphere you sent me is square and I failed to convert it to equirectangular format. I would like to thank you, tell me your price for doing that
  7. Perfect ! I just changed the width of the texture so that it is twice the height (5000 x 10 000 pixels) Thank you very much for your help and your responsiveness
  8. Hi Carlosan, Thank you very much for taking the time to help me. I still haven't solved the problem. The only version that works is the 3DCoat-V4.9.05. I have tested many versions, including the latest V4.9.54 but the problem is the same. Can you try with this file > https://we.tl/t-G60lT1XrPO ? If the problem is my sphere, how can I recreate a sphere with an equirectangular UV like my attached file? Thank you very much!
  9. Okay. Thank you for your answer. It's weird, it works until 3DCoat-V4.9.05 and it doesn't work after that.
  10. Hello, Sorry if my english is not perfect. I am French. I use 3D Coat to make 360° illustrations by drawing on a sphere. Since the last update, some areas cannot be covered when I paint over it. They seem to correspond to the edges of the faces. Can you help me ? Thank you!