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  1. Solved it. Sort of. It appears that those seams are not a problem if you import them correctly. In my case I should have used gamma 1.0 in 3ds max (not 2.2), and those seams looked right. Thank you, Carlosan, for your reply. Thread can be closed now.
  2. Nope. No result. Any more suggestions?
  3. Hello. I'm looking for help. So here is my low-poly mesh, and it looks fine in 3d-coat. (pic 1) But if we take a look at it's normal maps (pic 2), we see it's being split at UV-Island edges. If I understand correctly those edges should not be there and they seem to cause wrong look in 3ds max or another software. The question is: am I missing something? Why does 3d coat break normal map on those edges? How do I bake it right? Tried switching GL and DX versions - to no avail. Tried different baking presets (for 3ds max, for Unity etc) - all the same. (There is another thread on this forum where a guy had similar issue, but that solution did not work for me (He had to update 3d coat and switch GL to DX)) Thanks in advance!