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  1. DustyShinigami

    [Solved] Retopo - Update High Poly

    It is possible then. That's exactly want I wanted.
  2. DustyShinigami

    [Solved] Retopo loop color

    So you can only modify what colour 3DCoat will use...? You can't manually assign colours to a loop/edge flow where you want it...? If that's the case, at least there's still the UV seam workaround. At least by adding where seams will be, it'll assign a new colour where you want. It's just to help me practise and learn good topology flows based on references I'm following.
  3. DustyShinigami

    [Solved] Retopo loop color

    Awesome. Thanks for the heads-up. Only problem is, I'm not sure how it works. I've selected a face and picked a colour, but nothing happens. I've even tried picking the colour and then adding a new face, but it doesn't change to the colour.
  4. DustyShinigami

    [Solved] Retopo loop color

    Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but is this a feature that's been included yet? I would love to mark different portions of my retopology in different colours. If not, the seam workaround does the trick.
  5. DustyShinigami

    [Solved] Retopo - Update High Poly

    Hi Is there a way you can update a high poly mesh during the retopology process? What I mean is, say you've made progress retopologising a mesh, but there are things you added to the high you regret, like accessories, and you want to remove them from the original sculpt... Can you then export the new modified mesh out and load it into 3DCoat and carry on where you left off...? With the new retopped geometry snapping to the updated mesh...? Thanks
  6. DustyShinigami

    Retopo - Flip Objects

    I'm afraid I'm even more confused now. :-S I've seen mention about adding different Retop Groups, and I can't find any option for this. In older versions, there was a double arrow - left and right - that applied a new group...? But I'm not seeing that in my version. At the moment, my object only has one group anyway - the default green.
  7. DustyShinigami

    Retopo - Flip Objects

    Hi Apart from Symmetry, is there a way of cloning a piece of geometry whilst retopologising, and then flipping it as though it were mirrored...? Sometimes, if I have an object that's asymmetrical, Symmetry doesn't work very well. I'd like to be able to clone some of the geometry, flip it, and manually position it. Thanks
  8. DustyShinigami

    Surface problem with pyramid shape

    Hi I'm currently retopologising some brass studs that are in the shape of pyramids. However, I'm having problems with the tip. I've tried different ways of approaching it, such as having tris all the way around, and quads. I've tried giving it support loops to make the edges/angles harder, but I still keep getting these problem once it's imported into Max: The top faces always look like they've collapsed into each other The bottom edges always have these pointy anomalies going round. Does anyone know what's wrong or how they could be fixed...? I've tried adding enough support loops so it matches the high-poly's shape/silhouette... :-\
  9. DustyShinigami

    Is this another bug or is there a threshold...?

    I tried that but it still does it. :-\
  10. I'm not sure if this is another bug, or if there's some threshold you can adjust, but whenever I try to move some points to tidy things up, particularly with thinner edges, they seem to automatically snap and merge together like this...
  11. DustyShinigami

    [Solved] Retopo - Geometry sitting on mesh

    Both of those have helped. Thank you.
  12. It's not a finger, it's the sole of a boot. :p But I've experienced this on other meshes I've been retopologising too. Even at the base of my character's torso. I've only included the head, neck, torso and hands of my character's anatomy as they're the only parts that will be seen.
  13. Hi I keep having this problem when I try to manually add a Quad in the corner of the high-poly mesh... I'll add the four points, but as soon as I click the RMB, it gets converted into a tri instead. Is there any way to stop this from happening, or is it a bug...? Sometimes, a quad will get converted to a tri just from modifying another one or adding a swift loop. :-\
  14. Hi Are there any other tips or tricks someone could share to help get the geometry to sit better on a mesh when retopologising? At the moment, a lot of my retop work seems to sit through the mesh. This piece shows what I mean: None of the faces/points are connected to any through the high-poly on the other side (that is a mistake I have been making though). I don't have the inside retopped. And I keep trying to use Relax and Snap, but if anything, Relax just makes it worse. When I've used Maya for retopping, the retop tends to sit more snuggly to the high-poly. And the relax tool, when pressing Shift, does a much better job. You can also adjust the offset in Max and Maya. Can you do the same thing in 3DCoat? Usually adding extra edge loops can improve the retop and make it conform to the high-poly's shape/silhouette, but often I find that doing that doesn't make any difference - it still gets buried within the mesh. :-\ Thanks