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  1. 3DCoat-2022-03 has an inflate brush!! I've only used it for a little bit, but I'm really liking what I'm seeing so far! Thank you Andrew and 3DCoat team!!
  2. I really like sculpting in 3DCoat, but one of the biggest things I miss when compared to Blender or Zbrush is having a inflate/deflate brush. 3DCoat has an Expand brush, but it's not the same. With Blender and Zbrush, the inflate brush blows up the effected area like a balloon. With 3DCoat it's more like adds a layer of clay (see the screenshot below for direct comparison.) I spent a few hours playing around with modifiers and settings to try and get a similar effect, but nothing gave consistent results that looked better than the Expand brush. Adding something like a inflate/deflate modifier in 3DCoat would give users a powerful new tool in creating brushes. Thanks for your consideration!
  3. Thanks Metin. I went through those presets. As you said, many of them no longer work. None had an inflate brush that was any better than the current Expand brush. I also spent quite a few hours trying different settings and modifiers, but I couldn't find any configuration that felt like a clear improvement. Below is a screenshot that compares the Inflate brush in Zbrush, Blender and 3D Coat. 3D Coat's brush really looks and works differently.
  4. Hi Metin, thank you for your brush comparison. I have a question, do you know how to get an inflate brush that feels similar to Blender and Zbrush's inflate brush? The Expand brush doesn't feel similar and neither does the Clay/Draw brush. I've tried different things but I can't find any brush/setting that feels like how an inflate brush should feel (to me.)
  5. Hi Andrew, thank you for looking into the issue of strange geometry when using symmetry with Autopo. I've done a bunch more testing of Autopo and I've noticed a few things. If you start a new voxel sculpt, choose the large sphere, then use Autopo with a 400 poly count (without turning on symmetry) - there will be duplicate vertices over the mesh that line up with the vertices along all three axes. If I create a sphere and use symmetry, then the duplicate vertices are only along the axis of symmetry. If I create a sphere and use symmetry along two axes (x,z) then there will be duplicates along both axes. I also discovered that if you use the Select tool in the Retopo room, pick vertices then click the delete this layer in the Poly Groups window it will crash 3D Coat. This doesn't happen if you select edges or faces.
  6. I have come across an issue with the Autopo. When I use it with a symmetry on, I get duplicate vertices / hidden faces along the center edge loop. Here is how I can replicate the results. Create a new voxel project. I use a sphere. Turn on symmetry - I usually use 'X' Make an indent on either side of the line of symmetry (something like eye sockets) Use autopo on the shape - I use 2000 polys but other amounts work as well. The shape will have strange geo (overlapping vertices / hidden faces) along the line of symmetry.
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