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    Introduce yourself!

    Hi. My name is Lee. I am a junior university student. I took some 3D classes from my school and I got more interest in 3D related fields. My major is a hybrid of computer science and art; therefore, knowing 3D helps me a lot. (Major name is Applied Computer Science) For 3D programs, I worked on Maya, 3D coat. For texture: Substance Painter, Quixel (did not really like this one) A picture below is a tree I sculpted in the class that I am taking right now.
  2. TheLee

    Snake and Spikes Undo bug

    I hope this might help your work. I recommend a curve tool to avoid bugs that you mentioned (I also had the same bugs). If you want to make a pointy shape, then at the end of your curve, use your right mouse click (click and drag) to control the size.
  3. Hi, I recently wanted to model Davy John's organ. (Pirates of the Caribbean) To make the shape that you can see from the photo, I wanted to use the sculpting method in 3D coat. However, since I am not familiar with all the tools in the software, I wanted to ask for some suggestions on which tools can work better for creating the shape. I would appreciate every comment. Thank you.