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  1. The 3dcoat is running through Rosseta 2, of course... But this process is hidden from a user. You just clicked on icon, and MacOS desided how to run this app.
  2. Auto Retopo works also. So... Don't hesitate. Buy a Mac with M1 )))
  3. At least it starts and works on MacBook Pro M1 8Gb I just have no time to dig deeper, though... But at first glance, it looks pretty well )))
  4. ymesh

    3DCoat renderman linux

    Hi My last try to render with RenderMan on Linux was with version 4.9.69. Finally it works ))) but I had to do some extra steps for this... 1. Add the slash "/" at the end of path in RMANTREE variable: export RMANTREE="/opt/pixar/RenderManProServer-23.5/" Other apps don't need this, though... Otherwise, 3dcoat will warn you that RenderMan is not installed ((( 2. After selecting "RenderMan" as Render Engine in Render room, and pressing "RenderPreview" button, 3dcoat will stop responding. But in System Monitor, "prman" apears beneath "3dcoat" process. 3. Kill this "prman" process by "Kill" command in RMB menu. ("End Process" button doesn't help) 4. After this step, 3dcoat will display "RenderExport" progress bar and respawns new "prman" process that will start to render into "it" display. Hope, that this may help someone...