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    Poly Art Stumbling Blocks

    Well, I answered my more important question: it turns out the select tool has a lot of features in it, including an ability to select a bunch of edges quickly and sharpen them all at once... that's a big reason I like 3D Coat, just poking around usually ends up revealing what you're looking for.
  2. Foxwarrior

    Poly Art Stumbling Blocks

    So I'm having fun learning to make poly art in 3D Coat, the workflow of sculpting a shape and then manually retopologizing it to get the very low-poly result is pretty solid. However, there are two problems I've encountered that maybe someone can help with: 1. Clicking on every edge with the Sharp Edges tool is kind of tedious. Ideally I'd like to make all edges sharp by default and just mark a few as not sharp, is there a quick way to do that? 2. When painting, it automatically adds pixels to the edges of islands in order to hide the seams, but for poly art I want the seams to be really visible. I can get nice sharp seams by editing the texture with paint.net, but is there a way to get sharp seams within 3D Coat?