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  1. Edgaras

    Edgar's sketchbook

    Hi @haikalle thank you! The whole scene took me two weeks to build to this level of detail. The only model that I have downloaded is car (I just edited to introduce some damage in some scenes) everything else was created/designed in 3D Coat. I started modeling the train first and then tought it would be nice to give it a little story and environment.
  2. Edgaras

    Edgar's sketchbook

    Thank you @philnolan3d Trains are so much fun to model! Great to see you were inspired by Firefly show!
  3. Edgaras

    Edgar's sketchbook

    Hello everyone, Recently I have discovered this great app and want to share my first project using 3D Coat as a main modeling tool. Personal piece with an emphasis to tell a narrative. Based on a miniature toy style. Most of this stuff is full 3D with some minor adjustments in Photoshop. Edgaras Cernikas Freelance Concept Artist edgarascernikas.com