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  1. To sculpt on a single volume without it affecting other volumes you have to deselect the "AUTO PICK" option on the top bar, after the word Help. Then to select a different volume to sculpt on, press "H" and click on a part of that object on screen, that's a quick way to select another volume you want to work on. If at some point you do want something to be transparent (ghost mode) AND you still want to interact with it, use the dropdown at the top that says "Don't Pick, Don't Act". That dropdown menu has 4 options that determines how to handle ghosted volumes.
  2. Hello everyone, I’ve recently started to learn 3D-Coat and I’m having some trouble understanding the Stencil previews using the various projection options in the Sculpt room. (1) The “From Camera” option shows up fine and seems to operate in a predictable manner, with a nice opacity option next to it. As soon as I select one of the other options it becomes a bit odd. (2) With Spherical for instance the preview on the model isn’t visible unless I use the rotate/move/zoom/ buttons, but as soon as I let go of the mouse button the view of the stencil disappears. If I sculpt on the model I know it’s still there, but now I have to guess where the lines will show up. (3) There is a Show Preview option in the settings panel, it shows the stencil for about a second after clicking the OK button, then disappears again. I also don’t understand why there isn’t an opacity option like you have for the “From Camera” option? Something else I just noticed, the Settings popup panel isn’t movable like a lot of the other panels. It can be in in the way right there in the center. So my question is: how can I keep the stencil visible on the model while sculpting? I’m using 4.9.42