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  1. Hello, today got a bug with strips import in the latest versions of 3d-Coat. So looks like imported picture get some "shadow" in programm and resoult of stroke with strip get an artifacts. Just take a look at the picture and you will understand what is the point. Anyway it's minor bug as I see, hope it will be easy to fix it.
  2. Hello, may I ask where is CUDA options in the latest version of 3DCoat, can't find it in the "Geometry" where it was early.
  3. Also I got pretty big FPS drops down after some operations with layers like copy layers, deleting layers and other. And same FPS drops I got when I open big file after other big one. Actually not so big files, around 50kk tris at all, usualy my computer render it easy, but now sometimes I just have to restart 3d-Coat after some operations.
  4. Hello, today I got an extra dangerous issue, Coat completely lost all information from few layers. Luckily this information I found in some autosaves. But it's really scared me.
  5. Hi, can somebody give me advise how to rebind "V" shortcut in paint room? My lefthanded wife have a problem with it. And if here is no way, may be it would be good idea to make this possible.
  6. Hello, wanna write abaut super-old problem. I really don't know why, but Coat just love to ruine layers when voxelise layer after working with surface tools in voxel mode. Please fix this issue.
  7. Customisation of the hot keys drop to defaults after each new update... as whole interface. I know all of this bugs are minor but it is user expirience, it's still important.
  8. "Use CUDA" option turns off each time when new project have start.
  9. Please add some hotkey for smooth stroke option, also always after restart 3d-Coat smooth stroke turned on in custom tools and it strongly ruined first minutes of sculpting process.
  10. Buildup voxel tool can't remeber stroke type. Always it is without pressure sensitive.
  11. Hello. New 3d coat still ruin all of my interface customizations with each new update and still can't remember that I choose glossiness/metallness pipline. Please do something with it. I so tired to customize my interface again and again.
  12. Yes, I know this options list but now changing this option works only after file saving.
  13. In the last version can't export glossiness, always exported roughness. Update, 3d-coat restart after I had changed glossines export option helped to export right texture, but I think that program restart isn't normal way to solve some issues.
  14. Also another problem about what I wrote early is that after each new update all my layout had droped on default. I realy tired to adjust it each time when I tested new version. I would be appreciated if you fix this issue.
  15. Hello, yes, I found it too. Problem is that I can't change this checkbox on fly by hot key "Alt+S" as it was in 4.* versions before.
  16. Also now Steady stroke don't change on sortcut "Alt+s" if this option in a new tool "Parametrs". For example it works for "Grow" tool but don't work for "Surface clay" tool.
  17. Exactly! And as I see Steady stroke turns on in any tool after you choose other tool with this opion turned on. So in work it feels like unexpected behavior of tools.
  18. One more little problem detected, now Coat can't remember if I turned off smooth stroke for the "Grow". Even I just choose any other tool and come back to the Grow smooth stroke turns on. And also other problem that each time when I open Coat "Use CUDA" options is turned off.
  19. Yes, exactly. I mean that new RGB curvaure is cool feature, because now I can choose cavity size on fly, but this method need more range small and big scavity sizes to be really useful. Will wait the new updates of this new cool feature.
  20. Yeah I know how it works, problem is that it don't work well with factures baked in normal map. In the video above I show what I mean.
  21. Also please check this video, here I show what I exactly mean.
  22. Sure, take a look. Here is a .zip with .3b file which keeps as sculpt as low poly model. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Q09BLH8tervbxV1Uy-IeFtkKWE7toHWV/view?usp=sharing
  23. Hello, yes I checked this map already, the problem is that I have no way to bake this map with small details if they placed in big cavities. Just for example compare these two pictures below, on one you can see cavities baked from shader on sculpted model on other the best result which I can take whan use cavity baking on low-poly model. This is the very old problem, and I see that now we have "Cavity width" parametr in options, but it have no options to choose cavity width as on screenshot below, and this is so sad. Curvature feeling setup on sculpted model and on low-poly model is extremally different. And what make me sad much more that I remember times when curvature calculated on fly without baking, and that curvature worked better (by the way my wife still worked with textures at that version of Coat just because of this, as I remind that was 4.5... version, sounds wiered I know). As I understand now RGB curvaure keeps in differrent chanels different size of curvature details, so I think that chanel with smal details should keep much smaller details, because now artis almost have no reasons to tuch this parametr.
  24. Hello, I had tested today the new cavity backing method and want to ask is here some way to bake some extra thin cavities. For example take a look at the screenshot, here is cavities backed from sculpted model but when I tried to get same effect in texturing room I had faild, no one opion can't give me controls to say "I need to draw on this thin lines, forget about the big volumes for a bit of time dear Coat". Actually small details on models just don't affect on cavity texture, and this is a huge problemin texturing process I think.
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