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  1. Hello, dear 3d-coat team.
    In the last release I've got strange issue with stroke. simple surface sculpt draw tool make very wired stroke when the brush is a certain size. Smaller and biger size works fine but on some size value stroke completely ruined. Below the screenshot with the problem. Also it not depends on a device, mouse and tablet make same reasault, and it don't depends on surface or voxel mode.

  2. Hello, today I have realized that "make sharp edges along UV seams" at the baking process is broken in last versions. Below screenshots where you could see actual model in the retopo room and backed resault imported in blender. Looks like sharp edges were generated along automaticaly generated seams but model use custome seams. 3d-Coat version is 2022.47. Looks like it works like "automaticaly smoothing groups", but I'm sure that I checked right checkbox.

  3. 21 hours ago, digman said:

    Correct the grow tool does not have a tool popup panel where you can turn steady stroke off. 

    Possible bug
    If I turn off steady stroke for the grow brush, switch to a brush that has steady stroke OFF and then go back to the Grow brush steady stroke is not selected.

    If I turn OFF steady stroke for the grow brush, switch to a brush that has steady stroke ON and then go back to the Grow brush steady stroke is selected. 

    Expected behavior as in the past, each brush remembers the prior settings. 

    Workaround for now. Create a Grow brush preset and the steady stroke is remember for the preset.


    Exactly! And as I see Steady stroke turns on in any tool after you choose other tool with this opion turned on. So in work it feels like unexpected behavior of tools.

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  4. 2 hours ago, digman said:

    In this case I would in Preferences disable under Tools the RGB cavity. Use the regular cavity baking. 

    The RGB cavity baking I am sure will improve over time. It works in a number of cases but not all. 

    The picture is not shown for quality. You do have control over the cavity degrees. There is no cavity width here just degrees.

    I played around adding a few layers and blending modes. 

    Not saying the setting in the curvature panel is the best: I could work with it for testing. You can test different settings. Read the tool tips.


    curvature panel.jpg


    Yes, exactly. I mean that new RGB curvaure is cool feature, because now I can choose cavity size on fly, but this method need more range small and big scavity sizes to be really useful. Will wait the new updates of this new cool feature.

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