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  1. Sure, take a look. Here is a .zip with .3b file which keeps as sculpt as low poly model. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Q09BLH8tervbxV1Uy-IeFtkKWE7toHWV/view?usp=sharing
  2. Hello, yes I checked this map already, the problem is that I have no way to bake this map with small details if they placed in big cavities. Just for example compare these two pictures below, on one you can see cavities baked from shader on sculpted model on other the best result which I can take whan use cavity baking on low-poly model. This is the very old problem, and I see that now we have "Cavity width" parametr in options, but it have no options to choose cavity width as on screenshot below, and this is so sad. Curvature feeling setup on sculpted model and on low-poly model is extremally different. And what make me sad much more that I remember times when curvature calculated on fly without baking, and that curvature worked better (by the way my wife still worked with textures at that version of Coat just because of this, as I remind that was 4.5... version, sounds wiered I know). As I understand now RGB curvaure keeps in differrent chanels different size of curvature details, so I think that chanel with smal details should keep much smaller details, because now artis almost have no reasons to tuch this parametr.
  3. Hello, I had tested today the new cavity backing method and want to ask is here some way to bake some extra thin cavities. For example take a look at the screenshot, here is cavities backed from sculpted model but when I tried to get same effect in texturing room I had faild, no one opion can't give me controls to say "I need to draw on this thin lines, forget about the big volumes for a bit of time dear Coat". Actually small details on models just don't affect on cavity texture, and this is a huge problemin texturing process I think.
  4. Hello, can somebody help me? Previously "g" key turned off or on ghost mode on layer below cursor, and not it works like "grab". What hotkey now I can use to ghost my layers in fly.
  5. Also on meshes without split normals it don't looks like local curvature.
  6. Hello, new Local curvature baking process do not consider that model could hace edges with split normals, take a look at the screenshot. At the first one model with normal map, at the second just mesh with hard edges, and at the third Local curvature map which completely don't see local curvature in painted bump and have baked hard edges.
  7. One more thing, from version to version new 3d-Coat can't remember my interface layout and I need to set it up each time when I setup new version.
  8. Aeee, 4k support! Finaly wholy my interface is on my screen, thanks a lot!
  9. Hello again. I want to write about one more issue. When I bake curvature map with inensity of smothed and simple curvature seted for around 400 some areas with cavity had bake as white color. Take a look at the third screenshot, here is the problem, here is blured and simple curvature intensity seted at 400. At the second screenshot I had baked curvature with 400 intensity on simple curvature and 0 at blured and everything is fine. And at the first one I had baked blured with 400 intensity and simple with 0 and all is fine too.
  10. Yes! Now brushes works as expected! But problem with CUDA still in place - some screenshot to show how problem exactly looks. On the left side stroke with CUDA turned off, and on the right side strokes with CUDA turned on. One of them made with same hand move speed as left, and far right made with extremely fast hand move.
  11. Update, fast strokes still not working well, and I realize that strokes had broke when I turned on CUDA usage (for some reason it was turned "off" on working start). So both of my problems still in place.
  12. Checked .12 version and fast strokes now working realy fine, but poblem with sculpting on a small distance is still here. I would be so glad if you can fix it, because it's main reason why I still working in 4 version of the Coat.
  13. About small distance strokes, as I see Coat draw small red dot above the pen which point actual place of brush where dub will have placed, and when I moove my pen in 2-3 mm around this dot this red dot don't move at all. And I thought if my display would be smaller this radius may be around 0.5 - 1 mm and I wouldn't feel that, but my display is 32 inches and this distanse feels as huge.
  14. Also here is one more problem - spaceing in some tools depend on stroke speed, it feels pretty wired because different scuplt techniques need different speed of the hand moves.
  15. Hello, I saw that in latest 2021.11 version was fixed some of brush issues. I don't know is it means that problem with strokes on a small distance was solved, but problem is still in place. Also I thought, may be it depedns some how on display resolution, so I should tell that my display is 4k Cintiq. Anyway thanks a lot for your hard work on the Coat polishing and bugs fixing!
  16. Hello, I got a problem with strokes on a small distance. No one brush don't sculpt when I brush almost on one place, but in 4.9 version everything was ok. This make work with small details very difficult. Take a look at the video, here I discribe and show what exactly working bad (sorry for russian language, my english in realtime is pretty bad).
  17. Hello, in the new Coat strokes feels very strange, take a look at this screenshot, and here my hand move was pretty slow and smooth.
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