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  1. Mikairi

    What would be your dream Applink

    A ZBrush applink for Mac users would be great.
  2. Mikairi

    Retopology tutorial for Zbrush/Maya user

    Just found these on retopo from Danny Mac 3D. They also show his ZBrush initial prep of models. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-Ak66N0cAw&list=PLud7kvRn-3hhJz5Yn8wkAEYEUXdKD0jok&index=2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3L8eZAwmG2E&list=PLud7kvRn-3hhfG6eMHmWdSYvHpijVfKZ8&index=2 He also has Gumroad tutorials for sale.
  3. Mikairi

    Retopology tutorial for Zbrush/Maya user

    Hi I'm trying to learn a similar workflow, ie. taking my ZBrush mesh into 3D Coat for retopo & UVs, then also learning handpainted texturing in 3D Coat. I made a youtube playlist of some UV tutorials, since I haven't been able to find many courses that take you through a pipeline usage more fully. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_9HaT7uJXThatjNpI69KwPXSHTFZPUCA I'm planning on learning what I can from these and also looking at some courses on Udemy and those from Anton Tenitsky.
  4. Mikairi

    Sketchbook Journey

    TechMan reminds me of Transmetropolitan. Love the cigarette too. The stylization also makes me think of Polygon Pictures work like Ajin and Knights of Sidonia, which utilise beautiful custom 2D shaders. Your speed and facility are impressive! So in 3DCoat you block out your basic form/kitbash and then in Photoshop you paint your details? And I guess with other images you use toon shaders from Keyshot?
  5. Mikairi

    Maya appLink

    I think that's a different problem. I'm just wondering where to install the .py file within Maya. The instructions say to put in 'bin' but I think it must be a different location on a mac. When I put it in 'bin' and try to run I get the error "3dc_applink.py" was not found on Maya plugin path. I tried installing at Applications\Autodesk\maya2020\plugins and also Applications\Autodesk\maya2020\plug-ins but it hasn't loaded the plugin correctly.
  6. Mikairi

    Maya appLink

    Hi, I was wondering where to install 3dc_applink.py on a Mac. I tried installing to Applications\maya2020\bin\plug-ins but it doesn't load the plug-in when I try to use it from the shelf. Thanks for any help!
  7. I just purchased 3DCoat 4.9.02 for mac. Tried loading some HDRIs but they are only coming in as black and white. Do I need to convert them or is this an issue that is still being fixed?