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  1. Archester

    Cheap 3D printer

    Nice print philnolan3d. I've never heard about Orange 10 3D printers till I read this thread. It is a really cheap device. How is it working so far? I'm going to buy a filament printer but always had a crush on the Photon S (bigger and more exepnsive than the Orange). However, learning more about the Orange 10 would be a pleasure. I might start considering a resin printer instead Also, is there any chance to gather some info about good filament printers here? I read tons of "best of" lists, guides, and similar documents but still have no clear ideas about the brand to choose. There are tons of low-budget devices that seem doing a nice work. I dived into printer technical aspects (or even tried to reading "technical but understandable" posts), but find reliable manufacturers seems to be really hard. I was sure buying a Creality would be a nice shot, then it turned to be not so reliable. Do you have any experience in the field?
  2. Great job guys. I don't own a printer (planning to buy it) but we have one in the office. I'll share this with my boss or at least spread the word to other makers.
  3. Archester

    How to sculpt to real world size

    Thanks for your suggestions Carlosan. It is requires a bit of tinkering but will surely be useful.
  4. Hey guys, I have been in the world of FDM 3D printing for a couple of years now. I currently own a Creality Ender-3 but I want to buy a larger printer (at least 400x400x400mm). According to this article, I might go for a Modix Big 60, does anyone here own this printer? Before spending my money, I want to know I'm buying a reliable and powerful machine. Thus, any advice/tip is welcomed.
  5. Archester

    3D Print quality ?

    Great thread. Following Setz instructions I was finally capable of exporting a decent quality model without losing the original resolution shown in the software. Thank you guys, you made my day
  6. Archester

    3D printing joint

    Hi there, same problem here. When exporting for 3D printing the solids turn in low-poly objects. How can I solve this problem?
  7. Archester

    Toy Car 3D print - by Anton Tenitsky

    Nice model, thanks for sharing the video.