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    Why is this software so unstable ?

    I am really not experiencing problems, at least with Voxel sculpting, which is the use I make of 3D coat. I also generate STLs for 3D printing of my models, to distribute them to miniature collectors. Regarding that, I love as well how optimal 3dCoat is when reducing models weight but keeping all the details. For my job it is very important that models weight as less Mb as possible but still keep all the sculpted detail once the model is 3d printed, and it really does this job wonderfully. All my customers are really happy with how our STLs look when printed (weighing only 18Mb per model's STL once optimized by 3dCoat!).
  2. Gaelion

    Why is this software so unstable ?

    Have been using 3dCoat for digital sculpting for 2908 hours now (yes I keep track of my work time ), and never lost my work due to a mesh getting corrupted while working or in a saved file. Actually never lost any part of my work done with 3D coat. And I sincerely find it hard to recall last time I found a bug. Just thought I'd throw my experience to balance up a bit the thread
  3. I was using 4.9.37. I updated to 4.9.39 and effectively the buttons are there again Thanks for the help!
  4. Hello, In the Sculpt room, I cannot find anymore on the Transform Tool Panel the "Align to View" and "To Bound Center" buttons. They seem to have disappeared or maybe have been intentionally removed? The last version i can find them is v4.9.17. Will these buttons be back? Thanks!