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  1. I forgot to reply, my apologies to you. Overall, it feels good. (using latest version on M1 Mac Air) Without a specific context, I can only provide a general overview.. As long as you keep your detail work on the resolution levels that are generally expected .. (AKA: don't try to sculpt a human from a 20million sphere). • An object with: <5 mil range = good 10 mil range = performance might hiccup on certain things like large radius brushes doing complex operations. Cuts can take a couple/few seconds. 15 mil range = a smaller radius brush feels good, a larger radius brush will hiccup. Cuts start to feel heavy. 20 mil+ range = stick to adding fine / small details. Resampling to 20mil range takes < 20 seconds avg. Cuts take <20 seconds. • Multiple objects of 3-5 million each seems fine. Hide whatever you're not working on.. etc. ..Please remember that this is extremely generalized. IMO, the performance is good.
  2. I have an M1 Mac Air, I can load Sergyi's linked build if anyone has any specific questions for me to test. @Metin Seven Q: "And is there a chance Apple Silicon / M1 chips / Metal will be natively supported for more Mac power utilization?" A: While I can not provide an answer, I feel I should mention that the Dev Team is in Ukraine. I think about them and Ukraine each day.
  3. Thank you for the link Carlosan, ..the link helped me a bit. I am starting to see that the best way to learn 3DCoat is to spend your extra time to decipher(pull apart) each feature's processes by testing and re-testing. I'll try to only post questions when I encounter difficult-issues/roadblocks. ( This post's question may have appeared simple to some people, but I was reaching for a technical answer that perhaps doesn't have a readily available answer in 3DCoat(for many potential reasons)). • After I become comfortable with 3DCoat, I plan to contribute to the wiki to help others get onboard more easily. Thx.
  4. Hi, The attached image mentions scale and position -> which to me means there is possibly alterations to the Object's Transform during import ? If I adjusted the transform later, wouldn't I be able to also reset it later ? Instead of me explaining how many ways I could interpret this perhaps someone would be kind enough to de-crypt this for me by explaining what this is trying to tell me. Thank You. Have some patience with my frustrations, I'll pay it forward later.
  5. CLOSED: // I'll be working with Anton Tenitsky. Thank You to Carlosan for pairing us together. Very much appreciated as I was quite frustrated with the learning paths this week.
  6. I do agree. Thank you to the 3dCoat team for releasing so many new builds and fixes, and working so hard. I / We do appreciate you all. I'm simply very excited/eager to get to using 3DCoat to see how and where I can fit it into my work flows within various industries. @Artomiano -(the WYSIWYG editor would not de-bold this text.) I made a post about seeking someone to speed-train me; one on one via screenshare. Perhaps this is something you might want to do as well instead of waiting ? If so, let me know and I'll reach out to you when I have more info to share.
  7. Hello everyone! // I hope this is allowed. If it is not allowed, I apologize. I am only trying to learn 3DCoat 2021 without spending countless hours on youtube videos that waste my time. If you are a pro level 3dCoat v2021 user and you're able to spend 2 hours with me in a screensharing training session.. then let's talk! I'd really appreciate your help and time. - I do require that you are located in the USA or Canada and that you speak English. - Sometime in the next 2-3 weeks would be ideal. - This will be fast paced and I think we'll have fun with it. About me.. so you know I am not wasting your time. • I have about 20 years experience in using 3D DCC programs like 3dsMax. I have made dozens of tools and plugins for various DCCs over the years. • I own zB*ush and I use it for certain aspects of work. I've developed games with multiple game engines at different companies over the past 20 years. AKA: I am ready to speed learn 3dCoat. - Payment: I will pay a good rate. I know the value in this ask. We can discuss that privately. // Send me a direct message on here. I'll come back to this thread and update it after I have found someone. THANK YOU // note: I do own a v2021 license.
  8. Hi, I'm depressed and I am frustrated. // Forgive me ahead of time for my tone. I've been through youtube and the links in this thread. ..as well as the 3dCoat tutorial website section. ..it appears that there are no professional tier (technical) training videos for 3D Coat. Is that right ? There's an abundance of long drawn out, barely informative videos that show how someone makes a character or some other random object.. but there's no professional tier training, short and concise videos, that shows 3DCoat in use as the abstracted 3d specific toolset that it is ? AKA: professional technical training. This is very very sad.
  9. Are you running the App directly or through Rosetta ? I'd be curious how the mentioned intel based functions perform through Mac's Rosetta or if they just work. I bought a new Mac this Summer.. it mostly sits gathering dust due to the underwhelming performance and heat it generates. I was thinking about selling it and buying an M1 Mac.. *shrug* IDK.
  10. Hi everyone, this is mainly about #2 below.. but #1 is good for context. 1: I have planned to make a video of performance for 3DCoat on an i3 & i5 Mac with an iGPU. I mentioned this earlier this year and have yet to do complete the video. I'll get to it before too long! **In case you're curious why; because 3DCoat performed well above expectations on my Mac Air from 2010 and I want to share any Mac-iGPU-performance info with people as there was almost-nothing to read about 3DCoat on Macs with iGPU. #Knowledge Is good. //The Mac Air from 2010 has an Nvidia GT320. - I suppose that I expect similar performance from the 8th gen iGPU in the mac I'll be testing and we'll see..hopefully sometime this month! 2: Now that the M1 macs are released, I am curious about the performance of 3DCoat on any of the M1 machines. I do not have an M1 to test. So if someone has tested an M1, it would be nice to hear about your opinion of performance. - Thx Enjoy your week.
  11. IMHO, having a bridge for this would be a novelty as I'd just stay in 3DCoat and not send files back to Nomad. Am I missing something ? Why would you want a bridge for Nomad ?
  12. All set. Thank you Carlosan. //Very understandable delay.
  13. // bump; 1 week later; mhiatt and I haven't received a reply to our emails.
  14. I will be buying a license and I too am curious about the current transition. (I will contact support soon.)
  15. @TonyG - IMO, have both, use both. -> Tool Arsenals. Get the tools you want and learn them well... then you can use all of them for optimal workflows. • ZBrush doesn't "require" a technical understanding of 3D per se, but having moderate or better 3d-tech-knowledge DRASTICALLY helps when using zBrush. This makes the UI much more of a battle to most new'ish users. • 3DCoat doesn't require as much knowledge unless you need to deep dive into options of certain things... but of course the tech knowledge will help you. -- I just searched to find a video to share with you to help provide the very-deep-dive into 3d tech, in an quick flow... but I had trouble finding anything. • I have made a note for myself to create a very-deep-dive 3d technical series of videos where specifics of tools are explained along with variations in multi-industry handling.. I'll put them on Youtube when I finish them. 6 months or so..
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