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  1. Are you running the App directly or through Rosetta ? I'd be curious how the mentioned intel based functions perform through Mac's Rosetta or if they just work. I bought a new Mac this Summer.. it mostly sits gathering dust due to the underwhelming performance and heat it generates. I was thinking about selling it and buying an M1 Mac.. *shrug* IDK.
  2. Hi everyone, this is mainly about #2 below.. but #1 is good for context. 1: I have planned to make a video of performance for 3DCoat on an i3 & i5 Mac with an iGPU. I mentioned this earlier this year and have yet to do complete the video. I'll get to it before too long! **In case you're curious why; because 3DCoat performed well above expectations on my Mac Air from 2010 and I want to share any Mac-iGPU-performance info with people as there was almost-nothing to read about 3DCoat on Macs with iGPU. #Knowledge Is good. //The Mac Air from 2010 has an Nvidia GT320. - I suppose that I expect similar performance from the 8th gen iGPU in the mac I'll be testing and we'll see..hopefully sometime this month! 2: Now that the M1 macs are released, I am curious about the performance of 3DCoat on any of the M1 machines. I do not have an M1 to test. So if someone has tested an M1, it would be nice to hear about your opinion of performance. - Thx Enjoy your week.
  3. erb

    Nomad Sculpt

    IMHO, having a bridge for this would be a novelty as I'd just stay in 3DCoat and not send files back to Nomad. Am I missing something ? Why would you want a bridge for Nomad ?
  4. erb

    Purchasing and 3DCoat 2021

    All set. Thank you Carlosan. //Very understandable delay.
  5. erb

    Purchasing and 3DCoat 2021

    // bump; 1 week later; mhiatt and I haven't received a reply to our emails.
  6. erb

    Purchasing and 3DCoat 2021

    I will be buying a license and I too am curious about the current transition. (I will contact support soon.)
  7. @TonyG - IMO, have both, use both. -> Tool Arsenals. Get the tools you want and learn them well... then you can use all of them for optimal workflows. • ZBrush doesn't "require" a technical understanding of 3D per se, but having moderate or better 3d-tech-knowledge DRASTICALLY helps when using zBrush. This makes the UI much more of a battle to most new'ish users. • 3DCoat doesn't require as much knowledge unless you need to deep dive into options of certain things... but of course the tech knowledge will help you. -- I just searched to find a video to share with you to help provide the very-deep-dive into 3d tech, in an quick flow... but I had trouble finding anything. • I have made a note for myself to create a very-deep-dive 3d technical series of videos where specifics of tools are explained along with variations in multi-industry handling.. I'll put them on Youtube when I finish them. 6 months or so..
  8. erb

    Texel Density tools?

    @Richard A. I'm finishing up a couple large toolsets for 3dsMax and one of them is devoted to UV handling (and a master trim sheet system like never created before). --->> My point: I'm purchasing a license for 3dCoat (waiting on a sale to happen as I am not in a rush),. ..a texel density tool shouldn't be any trouble to make so long as you can wait for it.
  9. ( I purchased directly from Nukeygara. ) Thx for pointing out Cascadeur. I think that's where all of their EAs/v1 buyers stand/opinion, ..we're all upset, frustrated, ..but we don't want to exert more energy on it as we don't expect these types of people to make good on anything. Any company that tries to force upgrade fees because they added a new platform .. ::mind blown:: .. I've never seen that before. Enjoy your week RabenWulf
  10. I'm with Rabenwulf on this.. Let me add-to/back-up Rabenwulf's post. My use of language will not be as refined.. I'll focus on elaborating in a more primitive use of language. -- I bought in early access as they made alot of marketing promises and regular promises for various improvements before they'd make a paid-upgrade tier occur. ....Every step Nukeygara took, was a bad step. They kept pushing their userbase away. 1. failing to provide half of the basics of their marketing and promises they made to the E.A. users. 2. trying to get upgrade fees of more than $130 by forcing a Mac version as the "feature" ..which makes NO sense! It was like rebuying Akeytsu for a platform that 80%-90% of us don't need! ..that's "a new product", not "a new version for paid upgrade" 3. then the hostage-bug-fixes that came along with the new "version" aka: Mac version fiasco; ..those bug fixes were not provided to anyone who didn't pay for the new version. • At this point, You'd need to pay them an additional $130 or $140, PLUS many of us non-EU citizens were being asked to pay a 20% VAT(which is another insane thing I'll finish with that info).. JUST TO GET WHAT WE WERE MARKETED AS EARLY ADOPTERS. About VAT issue; they've been charging non-EU citizens VA TAX 20%, and after they noticed their system was not working properly, they haven't offered to refund that money to non EU citizens who paid it (thinking it was a required tax for all). Nukeygara; 1.5 out of 5 Akeytsu; 3.25 out of 5 Apologies for posting this here, I simply felt that everyone should be aware of how Nukeygara does business. Enjoy your week everyone. @RabenWulf perhaps we should collect the voices of the Early Adopters and attempt to get satisfaction for the E.A.s.
  11. erb

    UV Symmetry

    You're using words in haste as your post doesn't make sense when read verbatim. I THINK that you're seeking symmetrical layouts for the UV .. a perfectly symmetrical model or not doesnt matter in this instance as symmetrical UV mapping tends to have thresholds for the vertex position seek. In all seriousness; We'll need a screenshot to se what you're seeking to accomplish and perhaps what is stopping you *BECAUSE* I can think of 4 or 5 different scenarios/results. - I don't have time to write all 4 or 5 and guessing is pointless. Help us help you bud.
  12. UPDATE ..I am happy to archive this info for others; Story; - I forgot that I had a MacAir 2010 in storage.. I know, it's crazy but I felt I had little choice since the readily avail info about this topic is scarce and I was being impatient. ::wink:: /// Info: MacAir 2010 ; Sierra, 2.13Ghz Core2Duo 4GB Ram, GPU: 320m. • 10 year old mac Air vs. 3DCoat -> Winner: Everyone with a Mac that isn't ancient! (My MacAir is ancient but still capable of many tasks in 3DC.) I will make a few videos of 3DCoat running on my new Mac later this year. @3DCoat Devs -> BRILLIANT STUFF. THANK YOU. Signed, A guy with 17+ years experience in various 3D work and tool development. ..who is not easily impressed.
  13. I tried to edit my post but it is awaiting moderation. I just want to add that I'll be purchasing a license of 3DCoat this spring/summer. I am thinking in regards of the floating license type. - I have been a lurking admirer for some years now. My life has relaxed enough where I have time to learn new tools/languages. Thanks.
  14. Warm greetings everyone, I hope this discussion is light, informative, professional and friendly. Thank you very much and I appreciate your time here. • Here's the short of it; I'm buying a new Macbook pro this spring. I don't want to regret spending too much or too little. (I primarily use Windows machines with RTX GPUS.) 'And since I can't trial 3DCoat on a new macbook until I have bought the macbook ..well.. you understand; I am seeking information. // I have 15 years experience working with 3D for various industries..so feel free to "get technical" with replies. ;) ..and yes; I am gathering information about all primary tools as so I can make the best decision possible. -> (I prefer not to spend $4k+ on MacBook Pro if I can avoid it..especially because my ROG laptop from 2015 gets better GPU performance than the their AMD5500). I need a newer Mac for certain work so I am trying to find the best middle ground. Thank you for putting up with my bad explanation. ;) // General info/questions; • General performance insight.. say 10-20 million polys ? 50mil ? 100 mil ? • Unwrapping performance • polygonal modelling performance • Sculpting performance • Does 3DCoat for Mac run in a software rendering more ? .. or metal(?!) ? ..etc.. (if this info isn't ideally placed in forum, would you send it to me in email or private message ? thank you. ) I know this is an odd post. I'm an odd techhead kind of guy.