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  1. Hello Sprayer Well, if it is exactly this padded rivet that means that you cannot exploit the full potential. I've been using Lightwave 3d for 25 years. I do not know if you can still speak of new, in the 3d area? I just thought it would be a good alternative to Z-brush or Bodypaind 3d. If I edit something in FBX format in 3dCoat and open it in Lightwave, not all information is saved. That means twice the work if I have to edit it again in Lightwave. Time is money and we have no money.
  2. Hello sprayer. It is not about the last program being supported. But if you buy a car and it says that Iphones are supported, you also assume that this is the case. And when you buy it, you find it doesn't work. wouldn't you be upset too?
  3. I bought 3d Coat because in the advertisement it was said that I could use it to work on Lightwave objects. But the reality is very different. Lightwave 3d is not supported at all. Nothing is done to finally solve this problem. You can't advertise something that 3d Coat doesn't support. This is called fraud. I feel a bit screwed. The app link doesn't work with Lightwave 2020. Will there be a change in the future?
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