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  1. I received an email letting me know 2021.21 was available Opened 3dcoat and selected check for updates, and was informed I already had the latest version by the website So I checked the about, and see 2021.16 (i'm pretty sure this is accurate as I haven't downloaded any updates since my purchase on the 3rd
  2. While attempting to run the tutorials, I noticed 2 issues, and confirmed the issue on both runtimes. Selecting the cube object to insert into the scene worked fine. The next step asks me to click on the highlighted button to apply the primitive. I searched the screen, finding only the apply in the tool options. This was not highlighted, as well the tutorial text did not update. I proceed to the next step manually, adding the ellipse, and finding 3d Coat coming to a screeching halt when I click the apply button. I proceed on with the tutorial after several seconds and 3d coat was finally able to add the object. Note, CPU usage stayed around 30% and memory usage was at 2 out of 16gb. Completing the tutorial welcomed a message saying that the tutorial was incomplete, probably due to the bug with apply not highlighting. It is completely possible that some setting for my display adaptor is the culprit, I've seen AA cause selection bugs in other 3d software.
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