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  1. There are multiple instances of this happening to me. Particularly in the retopo room placing seams on the mesh. Please fix this as I don't have an autosave that has the progress
  2. This looks very easy to do, but I have done everything I can and still haven't found a solution to this. I want to make the retopology as precise as possible. Here's a spec sheet of the model followed by what I've tried to retopo it and why it didn't work Spec sheet: -hard surface -multiple same objects duplicated and then axialed -all these objects on merged onto the same layer -each object has been rotated on every axis -the objects are very small and far apart from one and another Things I've tried to retopo this thing: -instantmesh *reason it doesn't work: the topology given gives off tris even in a model like this and adding guides to every single piece is tedious and would take weeks. Plus, navigation is very difficult because of the size and how spread out the objects are -autotopo *reason it doesn't work: the retopo mesh has a ton of errors (bumps, deformed faces, and unnecessary curves) even when the poly count is set to 30 000. I cannot delete loops with either techniques because the final topology has that many unique errors and I would have to fix them one by one. -manual points/faces *reason it doesn't work: faces end up deformed and not placed correctly, precision is non existent, not possible to simply align the camera to a perfect position because each individual object has been rotated on every axis, fixing the faces is pretty much impossible, and radial symmetry doesn't work (I have to retopo one by one)
  3. Kim Jong OOF

    how should I retopo this?

    Autoretopo takes half an hour to do 7% of progress. Which means it will take over 7 hours to complete this layer without being sure if it will work or not.
  4. Kim Jong OOF

    how should I retopo this?

    There is a total of 7 separate parts on this small scaled lay er with very tiny details. They are tilted and have extrusions. Autoretopo didn't work on them. Any way I should retopo this?
  5. Kim Jong OOF

    maximum depth not working

    the default maximum depth is 30, and it should decrease if I change the number. However, using the cutout tool, the depth depends on my camera angle and pays no attention to the maximum depth
  6. Kim Jong OOF

    How should I carve in the orange screens?

    Doing that will require me to use a protractor on my screen and other complicated mathematical calculations on paper. Anyone else?
  7. Kim Jong OOF

    How should I carve in the orange screens?

    Can you explain? I don't get it
  8. Kim Jong OOF

    How should I carve in the orange screens?

    the table is a curved surface so I don't see any primitive that can boolean it. Am I missing something?