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  1. Which tablet you use? I have similar issues with painting on new Chinese tablet (VEikk), but my Wacom work fine
  2. Bruh, it still beta, why you need 50mil if even character artist need about 5-15mln in scene. And BTW i just tested it can eat 100mln on not powerfull PC like mine, but for what, i don''t know. R5 1600, RX 560 4gb, 64gb ram
  3. I was updated my drivers on Wacom and Veikk (china tablet) and Veikk still work bad, but Wacom work just fine suddenly, 15 minutes no such issues, Previously i was send info about problems with "Sliding stencils alpha" and strange pen paiting issue when all painting was pretty rough until reboot program. Maybe this chinesse tablet was a main problem. But i was check a wacom too before and he was had those problems (now all good suddenly). I just think now you need set up priorities about my issues to bottom line because i'm not sure maybe my tablet was a problem. Anyway if in future if i have some issues with wacom i will post here, for now i don't have a problems =)
  4. During the painting process with wacom/Veikk tablets i had the annoing issue where after you painting something on point A and going to point B the application decides to paint a straight line, i was have this issue in 4.9 as well and i think even earlier, i just don't use tablet in 3d coat before, so i use ctrl+Z every 20 seconds when painting. I was check on Wacom and Chinese tablets, they both almost new and work fine in other apps, but not in 3d coat, Mode in settings TabletPC 2021-04-10_15-15-52.mp4
  5. i can't find answer about this issue, my workflow, i was start make uv in UV room (after baking in retopo room), and this new UV's not updated on my retopo object, even 3d coat asking when i switching between the UV and retopo rooms (you want to apply new uv or something like that) nothing changed, so UV room and retopo room work separately and not connected with each other? And what about option Apply Uv-set what this option doing?
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