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  1. Genie Voice Command

    Control 3D Coat With Your Voice Plugin

    Hi! I am looking for feedback for a plugin I wrote named Genie Voice Command. My plugin allows you to use your voice to control 3D Coat. Think hotkeys but instead of pressing key combinations you just use your voice. This makes working in 3D Coat easier and faster. Don't worry you can still use all your normal or custom hotkeys along with my plugin. Here is a link to a quick demonstration video: YouTube Video In the video description are links to where you can download a trial version of Genie Voice Command (GVC) for 3D Coat. I am really looking forward to getting some feedback so I can improve GVC for 3D Coat.
  2. Genie Voice Command

    Introduce yourself!

    Hi, I finally get a trial version of Genie Voice Command done and up on my website. My Genie Voice Command helps make 3DCoat easier to use which can help 3DCoat in the long run. Here is a link to my website and YouTube video. https://genievoicecommand.com/