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  1. I can't use my old computer anymore. It's dead, and I've already disposed of it. Is there some other way this can be resolved? Edit: My Steam name is Elyziuz. If there are any devs out there, maybe they can log into Steam and verify that I do have a legal copy of 3D Coat.
  2. When I launched 3D Coat, this is what I see on start up: "Warning: Your serial number is used on another PC. You should exit immediately." I am launching 3D Coat from Steam, where I bought this legally. I had previously installed 3D Coat in an old PC, but its hard disk crashed permanently, which is why I had to buy a new PC and reinstall everything in it. I'm sure no other PC is using the same serial number I am using as the PC that I previously installed 3D Coat in has died. How can I resolve this problem?