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  1. Thank You, Everyone. Let me just say this...I LOVE 3DCoat! I am So glad I made this purchase. I've only done one hard surface concept design, but the process was painless and fun to learn. The PBR Material set for starters are impressive, and I love the Boolean feature. I can't believe how powerful this program is. I bought it at the right time as well, because I love the newly added features. Thanks for everyone's suggestions, this program is definitely my new favorite.
  2. Hi, All, I have had Zbrush for over a year and have competed quite a few sculpts. It’s a great and powerful program and I enjoy it. However, 3D coat has been on my eye for a while now and I am about to buy. I was wondering which software do you prefer overall? I want to know the benefits of 3Dcoat. I want to sculpt both hard surface and organic 3D character meshes. I do not like the interface and functionality of Zbrush overall and I’m ready for a change. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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