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  1. I have been interested in the product for some time now but as yet not made a purchase. Lately, I have been seeing numerous feature posts/showcases on youtube and twitter about 3D Coat 2020. Given that currently upgrade fees seem to apply between major versions (e.g. from 3.x to 4.x) and 4.x seems to have had quite a long lifespan (multiple years?), I'd like to know what is planned for this '2020' version in regards to payment of upgrade fees and how often it is planned for a major (upgrade fee payable) release? In a hypothetical situation if I purchased a license today (4.x): Would an upgrade fee apply to move up to the next release (2020?)? How soon would the next payable upgrade be released (e.g. 1 year, 2021)? Would this be more like moving towards a 1 year of included updates scenario? Are the licenses to remain perpetual? Are the license fee amounts to remain the same? Anything that I should be aware of, that may catch me out? If I could get an official answer on this that would be great as it will be used in guiding my purchasing decision. Many thanks and Kind Regards, Michael
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    Purchasing and 3DCoat 2021

    Thanks for the replies, I have emailed sales as directed.