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  1. Well, I figured out how to create, name and export files, but now why is my model not centered on the spline, only the edge of the model is on the spline?
  2. What are the correct settings for exporting obzh from blender to 3d coat for splines? Like the forward direction and the upward direction, because I have been unable to set the correct direction for a day, any of them cause my model to not stretch along the curve, but repeat in a set of segments (like logs in a log house). And how to correctly set the model along the axes in blender? And besides, how do splines work, such as usb, when the intermediate link (the wire between the connectors) is stretched (multiplied) along the curve, and the extreme elements remain intact?
  3. For some reason, the program generates supports under a flat surface set to zero by azi z - i.e. which is on the floor with its entire surface, but supports are generated even under it. This occurs even when the plane is below ground level.
  4. Pose mode resets polygon hiding settings. Thus, what I hide is shown again. It seems to me that this is wrong, especially when you need to edit a model that contains some internal parts.
  5. I do not know what is happening with this program again, but the following happened to me. my model was distorted after opening, although at the time of saving it was in order, after that boolean union works for me ONLY if I take the object lower in the hierarchy first, but never in a different order, then my program freezes when I try to split the object. And a annoying reminder about the blender importer every time you start the program. Also, I constantly notice random freezes on random parts of the object when boolean operations or when using pose mode. This is all very strange and reminds me of the times when working with the program caused me stress and depression. Please do something about this already. Thank you for another pleasant experience, I really appreciate the efforts of the developer.
  6. When trying to bind a curve to a surface, it turns out that some points of the curve are not perpendicular to the surface, manually editing every second or third point is tedious.
  7. On difficult models, the profile along the curve does not work. For example, I'm trying to make a seam using the Seams brush and a texture from the ribbon tab. As a result, with a curvilinear trajectory, the seam is smeared over the entire model. I try to sew a seam on the belt (in an open circle) and results is bed.
  8. The program (.61) crashes when I try to apply a fur coat using a curve.
  9. Hi, I don’t know how to say this correctly, and what it’s called in 3d, but I saw such an opportunity in blender, when there is a brush, there is a texture (alpha or black and white with a gradient) - and I hold the brush over the right place, hold down LMB, I take it to the side, and according to the b & w texture, the 3D version of my texture grows at this place (as the mouse is pulled to the side). Tell me please.
  10. Hi, I don’t understand where in the program is the dynamic topology (subdivision while painting with a brush)? And how to enable it in the settings of the new brush? Also, how can I make a 3D "stamp" on the model using a texture? p.s. I mean "live clay"
  11. Hi. Is it possible to somehow parametrically set the parameters, such as the thickness of the supports, or make the supports one or two nozzle diameters wide to make them easier to separate?
  12. I get low memory messages when I try to hide or show an object with only 1.5kk polygons (24 gigabytes of RAM). .58 version.
  13. https://dmitrioos.gumroad.com/l/matcap3dcoat
  14. Hello everyone. How about creating a theme that brings the pipeline experience from zbrush to a 3D coat? For example, I wondered - how can this snake be made into a koate? Especially interested in the last two drawings of the instruction, when do you get a beautiful and good mesh?
  15. In version 28, scale elements are still missing in pose mode. floating bug.
  16. Hi. Not sure where is the pose tool button that guides the gizmo " from the view"?
  17. Hello. Dear development team, Please consider the following feature: Automatic display of the layer of the selected object in the list of layers, so that in the layers panel (voxels-surfaces) scrolling to the layer with the selected object occurs automatically. In projects with many objects (more than 20-40 and 100+ layers), scrolling through all the layers is tedious each time). Thanks.
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