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  1. Looks promising...do your videos happen to have captions? Thanks!
  2. BrandonS59

    Introduce yourself!

    Hello again! Thank you for the warm welcome and nice to meet you folks! I have a gamer laptop PC from RoG with a GEFORCE RTX 2080 game card. Carlosan, I notice you said Cuda is for Nvidia cards but I dont see it with my download. Granted it's a 30 day free trial and I tend to make the best of it too so I am assuming if I purchase this it will give me the Cuda version? Just thinking out loud digman, nice to meet ya! Yeah back in the day that game was fun! I used to do map making at the end and even made some nice I-153 skins as I loved flying that plane. My all time favorite was the La-5FN as I loved it once I got the hang on how to fight with it. I'll PM you ASAP once I get time after dinner. I am in the Pacific Northwest of USA. Thanks everyone!
  3. BrandonS59

    Introduce yourself!

    Well Umm, OK! Hello Folks! Just downloaded the 30 day trial in hopes this 3D coat will help me complete my 3D modeling. Currently I can do 3D modeling and do a finished skin or Texture in layers and all that. But creating a UV map I never could do hardly at all. Hence why I am trying 3D coat. I have done textures or skins and Masters for Il2 Sturmovik and FreeSpace 2 and have done 3D modeling using both Wings 3D and Blender. I do all my skins and Textures on Corel photo paint as I have used that for well over 20 years now. I also do aviation profiles of WWII fighters like the P-51D, MiG-3, RE-2005, Ki-61-II etc. On a professional level, I have done Technical Illustration, Production Illustration and Technical Publications since 1981. Question, what's the difference between 3D Coat (GL) and 3D Coast (DX)? Thanks Folks! :)