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  1. Saved me! I was starting to get annoyed to the point that I did a fresh install of Blender and 3D Coat. But that didn't work. So I tried your method and now everything is back to normal. Orientation and scale of the model remains the same. Originally, the model was facing the wrong way.
  2. Problem solved. Had to delete my applink folders in my Documents and do a fresh setup. Everything is good now. If in doubt, just delete applink folders.
  3. ok, tried a fresh install and it didn't work. Workaround I had in the mean time is to export as obj with z axis up setting in Blender and then importing into 3Dcoat, but it takes longer.
  4. Interesting. I'm actually facing this issue right now. I will try and see if your method works for me.
  5. Having the same issue. Leads me to a 404 page. I guess I will wait until this is fixed and then upgrade.
  6. Ah I see! I'll try that instead then. Thanks!
  7. Ok so far so good, the addon works, but just a quick question, for some reason when I send my mesh to 3dcoat for painting, and do the usual steps; finish painting the model, export geo and textures from 3dcoat to get the model back via the export to Blender function in 3dcoat to get the applink setup, and if I wanted to make changes, go back to 3dcoat to do so and with the export geo box unchecked, and the export texture box checked. It somehow creates a new mesh in Blender, which shouldn't be the case according to the official 3dcoat youtube tutorial. Only the textures should be updated.
  8. Ok I tried using the zip version of the addon, tried it with a new scene and default cube, works fine, but for some reason, it doesn't want to work with the scene I'm working on. Maybe I'll bring the objects into a new project.Update : It works now, for some reason, I think something must have happened with the old file, but anyhow, creating a new blend file solved the problem; I also noticed that I would have to reset the location of the exchange folder every time I create a new project.
  9. Ah I’ll try that! I’ve also noticed that I sometimes have to reset the folder every time I create a new Blender project. Thanks!
  10. It was working fine for me in Blender 2.9.1, but suddenly it stopped working. I've deleted the exchange folder and all the folders relating to it to "reset" the add-on. And I recreated the exchange folder and theoretically, it should have worked.
  11. I'm starting to get a bit more familiarised with how 3dcoat works. I'm just wondering, how does one duplicate an object from the paint room? Let's say I've already sculpted an object in the sculpt room, bring it to the retopology room to retopologise it, and then bake it to paint. One way I figured out is to bring the retop mesh to the sculpt room and duplicate it in the sculpt room, but what if I just made a small change, for example, add a hole to one part of it. Is there a way to copy the same retop mesh and keep the same uv maps without having to retopologise the new duplicated mesh?
  12. Managed to fix it myself lol. I forgot to set the exchange folder to the right place in the Blender settings. Everything is working as it should now!
  13. Updated to Blender 2.9, was working fine in 2.83.5. But for some reason, not really working in the newest version. Having the same kind of problem as alex. But with all the functions of the applink. Tried a clean install of blender and deleting the things in the 3dc2blender folder as someone suggested. But that folder only consists of the Exchange-folder.txt file for me.
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