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  1. i don't have the option to post in the beta forum for some reason so here is the problem: If you have clay or clay fast brush selected in sculpt room, any alpha selected for the brush won't work. thanx!
  2. If you have show voxels in paint room unticked, i've noticed it corrupts the stencil preview when using any projeciton other than from camera. eg: when using spherical or cube mapping. with show voxels unticked and you try to move the preview projection around the model to position it correctly, it doesn't how the preview. for this to happen you need to untick show voxels in paint room, then restart. then try and move around a spherical projection of a stencil, and it won't show you the preview. to fix it, put a tick back in show voxels in paint room, then restart. * as a work around, just leave the option show voxels in paint room on, and just hide the sculpt manually from the sculpt tree. version 4.9.58