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  1. Great video! This is what I was looking for. The purpose is for 3d printing. Thank you!
  2. Good day. I am looking for an efficient way to produce these wood style carvings. The second video on this link https://lesterbanks.com/2018/01/sculpt-destruction-3d-coat/ If not what would be the options? right now I have Moi3d and 3dcoat. Thank you!
  3. Good day. After trying allot of software and after seeing the Railsea, hoover bike and some of Anton's video's I was sold. Bought 3dcoat, watched allot of tutorials even before I bought it. I just wish I found it sooner. Questions: If I have a box on top view what is the fastest and most efficient way to make/or cut one the corners to a fillets for example a radius of 4mm? Where can I download a mannequin since the 3dprint version doesn't include one? Seemed the old closed spline tool was faster also choosing it resize the ui is there a way to avoid this? Thank you!