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    Ahh, thanks. Yes, MODO does give you the option of .LWO when exporting. I never thought of that I have been using .OBJ and.FBZ, so far it has been a mixed bag it does come across but I an still not clear as to how to set it up in 3D Coat and to get down to painting. I am still not a hundred percent with getting started in 3D Coat. I will have some time next month once this project is passed. I thought I would do what I could to acclimate myself with the process when I had some free time. Thanks for the video, I will have a look and see if that doesn't clear up some of my questions.
  2. john gonzales

    Introduce yourself!

    Good Day All, My name is John Gonzales, I am a MODO User and have decided to use 3D Coat for painting as opposed to the built-in tools in MODO, which are really lacking. What I want to know in order to get started is the proper way to export to 3D Coat. I have been experimenting but the results are looking a bit dicey. I am fairly certain this is a result of my unfamiliarity with 3D Coat. So is there a resource I can refer to to get started?? Or are there any MODO users here that can give me some guidelines to go by? Thanks in Advance