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    Quixel to 3DCoat

    Seems like after changing the name to "Wood_Planks_tbykeacs_4K_surface_ms.zip", one of the examples in the video, it works in the automatic detection but the files are not uploaded into the actual material. I suspect the naming convention by quixel causes 3dcoat to not be able to parse their files. Is it possible you can show a screenshot of what the inside of a 3dcoat material folder looks like so we can arrange them properly or so?
  2. noex65

    Quixel to 3DCoat

    Ya, that was the post that got me to realize that you can upload quixel materials but it doesn't work https://gyazo.com/c916b66a740f336d1096fea6185094c6 The uploading midway was my gyazo messing up
  3. noex65

    Quixel to 3DCoat

    Haven't been able to find a working solution yet after browsing through a ton of forum posts. I've tried it on 4.9.57 and 4.9.65 to no avail. I set up the downloads folder under Edit --> preferences --> Quixel folder and I've also tried exporting them into downloads folder and manually zipping them. None of them make it so that 3dc detects it and automatically imports them. Trying to manually install them through file install smart material only gives me a blank material. The files exported from quixel are 2k res and none of the settings are touched. They are all surfaces. Any ideas?