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  1. spamming a bit with that request wondering if it was possible to add the depth jitter working when you sculpt (for instance when using the 2dpaint) so we get different depth variation with each brush strokes. thanks for all the recent updates and taking in consideration all the users comments!
  2. hey wondering if it was possible to add the depth jitter working when you sculpt (for instance when using the 2dpaint) so we get different depth variation with each brush strokes. thanks
  3. wondering if that setting in the jitter can actually affect the brush depth when using the 2d paint for example so each strokes get a random depth?
  4. hi, something I always wondered if the opacity jitter in the brush option was working lets say using either 2d paint tool or extrude in voxel to have random depth in the mesh created?
  5. hey guys, really love all the latest updates, just so smooth and fast! I encountered a tiny problem using the 2dpaint tool, i like to increase the depth to sculpt big chunks (so above 100%) as you can see in the video if go over existing geometry it kind of disappear and work again once i pass the mesh thanks 2021-12-30 13-08-09-1.mp4
  6. i think it has been changed in recent update, cause it was working the same way few updates ago
  7. mmm i tried this but act the same. just as a comparison, this is from previous build (4.9), ctrl drag kind of act like the cut actually when using sphere tool, and you can define a depth limit, i mean no big deal i can switch to cut tool to achieve what i want 2021-12-16 09-39-17-1.mp4
  8. hey might miss something here but i was using the sphere tool in lasso and when using control it doesn't remove voxel anymore like before, i can only add on top. 2021-12-16 08-36-27-1.mp4
  9. awesome! thanks man really great updates and improvement on latest builds!
  10. alphas were "interpreted" way better in previous version, just a video to compare from latest version released and 4.9.67 2021-12-13 18-07-54-1.mp4
  11. 2d paint acting weird kind of hard to explain but looks its acting lik e that when the depth used to paint is lower than the geometry already there (not sure if that's clear but you can see it in the video) thanks 2021-12-13 12-40-34-1.mp4
  12. thanks for the latest update and fix the rotate along stroke option Just a quick note, can t seem to find anymore that option when using any lasso type with the sphere tool thanks
  13. would be great to have the rotate along brush strokes work as it was before 2021-12-09 16-35-47-1.mp4 sphere tool creation with rectangle lasso or any lasso kind of tool missing the choice of round/plane/sharp border latest update is fast as hell, really amazing!
  14. hi, I noticed this weird thing happening when using 2d paint tool, alpha seems to partly disappear when i do brush strokes on a surface, also depending of the size of the brush it would act the same way. But overall such a great update, can really feel the difference of performance!!!! 2021-12-09 09-24-28-1.mp4
  15. awesome update! feels so more smooth and fast!. when using lasso tools with sphere seems like there is no more option to chose either sharp border or round still having that issue with the brush rotation and the rotate alpha along brush stroke 2021-12-03 16-47-41-1.mp4
  16. spacing parameter not working when using the line tool (as well as the rotation of the brush) 2021-12-07 19-51-48-1.mp4
  17. been really frustrating having tool working find before and for some reason completely bugged now also would be great to get back that feature in the tool option brush parameters and the rotation parameters directly there too thanks
  18. the rotate along stroke doesn't seems to work properly anymore, i remember it working fine when doing a rotation the the alphas thanks 2021-12-03 16-47-41-1.mp4
  19. hey quick question, would it be possible to add the brush rotation option inside the tool parameter brush parameters? just having it there directly would be really great. also maybe having a random flip x and y axis for the brush in the jitter, a bit like photoshop have, its really great to get some randomness when you sculpt details or ust 2d paint. thanks
  20. just trying to use it the same way i use it in blender or zb, just as a basic mask where i can apply any tool. I never tried to use it in 3d coat before but was just looking into it see if it was there as its a very common feature when modelling
  21. oh ok it actually works but only if you stay with clay/draw tools
  22. hey guys, I was wondering if 3d coat could have a masking system (same as blender and zb). I guess same as the pose tool but for masking and be able to use any tools with it. thanks!
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