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  1. the rotate along stroke doesn't seems to work properly anymore, i remember it working fine when doing a rotation the the alphas thanks 2021-12-03 16-47-41-1.mp4
  2. hey quick question, would it be possible to add the brush rotation option inside the tool parameter brush parameters? just having it there directly would be really great. also maybe having a random flip x and y axis for the brush in the jitter, a bit like photoshop have, its really great to get some randomness when you sculpt details or ust 2d paint. thanks
  3. just trying to use it the same way i use it in blender or zb, just as a basic mask where i can apply any tool. I never tried to use it in 3d coat before but was just looking into it see if it was there as its a very common feature when modelling
  4. oh ok it actually works but only if you stay with clay/draw tools
  5. ah yeah but doesn t seems to work in voxel tho, would be great
  6. hey guys, I was wondering if 3d coat could have a masking system (same as blender and zb). I guess same as the pose tool but for masking and be able to use any tools with it. thanks!
  7. you can hold alt and move...it s not ideal but its working ^^ still hope they will fix this
  8. hi, i just got the latest updates (70) and I find switching tools really slow compare to before. for exemple from sphere tool to cut tool it takes 2 seconds. thanks
  9. Hi , i have some issues using the joint tools. I wanted to give it a try but seems like i can t change the size of the joints or it s angle in the tool options thanks
  10. hey I was wondering if it would be something doable to use brushes in the pose tool (to get same result that you can get with stencil but using brushes) thanks for the great updates guys!
  11. would it be possible to get a gizmo to move symmetry pivot?
  12. thanks for the last update guys sometimes the ctrl+z is only going back one step in the history, i have to go in edit and do undo manually to go back further
  13. is there a way to reset as well the brightness/contrast and gamma sliders?
  14. would it possible to be able to go to negative values in the overlap of the twist tool but using directly the sliders, to be able to have spacing when doing an array?without typing the negative values but just using the sliders? thanks //edit Fixed on version .55
  15. thanks for the heads up, i installed latest build, I will try it and see if i run into the problem again. thanks again
  16. i get this weird holes in voxels sometimes, even with a ctrl z they still there and didnt find any way to fix them unfortunatelly...
  17. ah damn forgot to check the log updates thanks, cant wait to see the next updates and improvements on this its an awesome feature!!!!
  18. thanks for auto updater, much faster to check latest versions would it be possible to add a feature like that in brushstroke mode and even with vertex lines tool, to get really precise when using 2d paint for exemple thanks 2021-09-10 09-05-23-1.mp4
  19. would it be possible to have an option to get perfectly straight line when using the vertex line tool? like it snaps to a 45 or 90 degre angle?
  20. yeah it would be great! still running into that bug as well its pretty annoying. cubemapping not showing and when i click and drag to change the size or any operation on the gizmo controlling the stencil i get the rectangle selection and it will affect the mesh 2021-09-05 08-24-32.mkv
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