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    Hello, I was an amateur user of 3D coat (since April 2020) but decided to forgo any major hardware upgrades this fall and get 3D Coat Pro instead. I probably won't be "fast enough" to buy anything anyway, so why not? What initially attracted me to 3D coat was the pencil tool. Sure, Blender has one too but when I saw a tutorial video showing 3D coat's version I was floored. Anyway, I hope I can become a successful 3D coat modeler. I have a long long way to go. But it is by far the easiest modeling program I have ever picked up, aside from SketchUp. I also use Modo but it's been more difficult for me to "get it". I have an old perpetual Modo license and bought their maintenance last year, so I have access to 8 software versions and I've made more headway with 3D coat than with Modo this year. Maybe being a traditional sculptor has something to do it -- scribbling with voxels just seems more natural than manipulating polygons. PS I hope after you release 2021 version Andrew Shpagin can find the time to revive his Tree Generator side project!