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  1. Rainger

    Godot Import From 3DCoat

    All, I posted the below message in a Godot forum.. in summary, my question is: how may I go about combining (exporting) intersecting sculpted objects into one object (hopefully without destroying the current paint job that I've done) OR export separate texture/materials so that I can load them all in Godot. I'm also open to any other best practices or ways that you would go about getting Godot to load the textures correctly that I have not spoken to here. Sorry if I am not clear, there is a bit of a learning curve and I'm doing my best to catch up as I just bought the software last week. Thank you all, Rainger I then received a few messages basically saying.. I also got the response..
  2. Rainger

    Yearly Pricing Model?

    That's awesome. I will buy it! I'd love to hear about the yearly model and how that will work but I can't wait to own the software and am excited for the updates.
  3. Rainger

    Yearly Pricing Model?

    Hello, I hope I don't come off as rude; I am genuinely concerned about the pricing structure moving forward and I need some clarification. I have been using the free trial of 3DCoat and I really do like it. I am hoping there is a slight discount on Black Friday so I can purchase the full product. I am a little worried however after reading over the website and reading that the company has decided to go from 3DCoat V4.X to 3DCoat 2021. My concern comes from reading through the official announcement and its comments and not getting a clear answer. Will we have to pay an upgrade fee every year (3DCoat 2022, 2023) even after buying the perpetual license? One of the reasons (NOT THE ONLY REASON) I ended up testing out 3DCoat was that it was less than half the price of equally capable tools like ZBrush and Maya. I worry that if we have to keep opening our wallets every year it may be cheaper to just buy an alternate product that only has a one time fee that is actually cheaper after a few years than something that is cheaper right away but slowly takes significantly more money from you over time if you stick with the latest version of the product. Thank you, Rainger