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    Black Friday Amateur

    and in just over 18hrs the pro version will be reduced by $100, is that correct as another advert states "now", a little confusing
  2. LibitinasArt

    Black Friday Amateur

    That's a real shame, I hear that the Amateur version is the one to go for for beginners in this field..... Are you able to let people know what the new prices will be for 2021 yet...... Or a date when Amateur is removed from store. ?
  3. LibitinasArt

    Black Friday Amateur

    Sorry , just trying to understand what you're saying. Is the Amateur version finishing (being stopped) when 2021 is released. and only renting software will be available( no more perpetual licences)
  4. LibitinasArt

    Black Friday Amateur

    Will there be no deal for the Amateur, I know it's only $99 but even so , a small reduction would be nice for those of us looking to get into your program. !! Affinity even have reduction on their $40 items.