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  1. Yeah, that's what I mentioned in my first post. The thing is ... you can make a wide search on the internet and will find some interesting videos that explain something useful about 3DC. But mostly these videos are outdated. Sure, some of the aspects of the software are still living. But it lacks professional tutorial series. It's a pain to invest dozens of hours to search and find something you need. But hey, these weeks the new version "2021" has just been released. So we should be patient. I hope that soon there will be updated and useful step-by-step tutorials on the way. That's because I can see Pilgway is really hard at work on this new piece of software. They publish new builds nearly daily. That's a big deal!
  2. I agree ... would be good, to have import and using capabilities of sbar files, because they're very popular and widely offered and used.
  3. Thanks for the two links. The official 3DCoat-Channel is already known! But - like many other videos - the video set of "AlienMinefield" is nice - but old, about four (!) years. There are so many changes inside of 3DCoat that a whole bunch of features, how to's and workflows will not work anymore. Some will, others not. I hope that we will get some "workflow" tutorial sets - for the actual software.
  4. Hey there, yesterday I upgraded my license and the system works so far. But there are less tutorials out there. Other apps like the software with the big "Z" offers dozens of tutorials. 3DCoat is lacking some of it. So, let me ask, can we expect a bunch of new (and high quality) tutorials? It seems that the new version makes some things in a different way and, as far as I k now, some things should now be done with a new workflow. I know, version 2021 was just released and the Pilgway team has much work with bugfixing next weeks. But it would be great to have some more "real life" tutorials that shows all important aspects of the software. Keep up the good work. I have great expectations! P.S. Any chance to get a "full step by step tutorial" on how to create that great battleship from the teaser video?
  5. Erm ... if you need all those features offered by v4, you're not in need to upgrade your license. On the other hand, I can't imagine that essential functions will simply be removed. Maybe they are simply not "yet" available in the new version.
  6. Hm ... you need more faith. Don't you think that within the next year, the new 3DCoat will finally be stable and polished? I hope so. I want to use 3DCoat productive so ... I hope.
  7. All fine on my side. But I also had to reset my password. Then I could login and click the "upgrade" button in the license view. After purchasing my license was upgraded automatically. Now I can choose between my old v4 license and the new one. I downloaded the new software and the new license file. It works. BUT there is one crazy thing: During (or after) the installation I could not use my own license file. Instead the app seems already activated with a FLOATING license. In the upper app window info I noticed "floating, used 7 of 500". That's strange. I didn't buy a floating license but the upgrade from V4 PRO to 2021 INDIVIDUAL. As far as I know there is no floating option, right? And the thing is ... this number is increasing ... Look at this:
  8. Hm ... using 3840x1600 here. Maybe it's a problem with high resolution or wide screen formats.
  9. Aaahhh. Thanks for the tip. Problem was, the layer system in the sculpt room is not the same like in the paint room so I had to take a closer look to achive similar "layering results". Okay so far. It works. But ... nevertheless ... that every room has its "own" layer subsystem is complicated.
  10. Hi @L'Ancien Regime thanks for your opinion and your experiences. That's very important and helpful to me. Ah - and thanks to your little historical backflip ... didn't know. What bothers me is the workflow (and so in partially the UI) of 3DCoat. I'm coming from Photoshop & Co. The "new" workflow in 3DCoat is - for me - very strange. I wish there would be tutorials on "how to make a workflow transition from photoshop to 3dcoat" or so. Substance has layers and ZBrush too - and they work "similar" like Photoshop's. But 3DCoat's layers work in a different way - and vary from room to room - as far as I understand it. You can not easily turn off/on layers, group them, lock them and so on. I watched the following video for this: It's ... not very handy. When it comes to painting and texturing, I would have the freedom to switch between layers - "play" with them (visibility, group, lock, change order for effects and so on). Is this now possible in 2021? Layers in Substance Painter makes it similar (not equal but similar). So ... it's not only a question "ZBrush or 3DCoat" but "ZBrush or Substance Painter or 3DCoat". Remember: This thread primarly contains the big question: "What's better for painting/texturing?" I know there are many other tools in 3DCoat - but that's not the actual theme of this discussion.
  11. Hm ... yesterday I found this: @Andrew Shpagin Does it mean, that 3DCoat now is sooo encouraged that it will compete any other 3D painting software like Substance Painter or the integrated "paint tool" in ZBrush? Are 3DCoat's painting and uv tools at last - matured? That would be ... very interesting.
  12. Hm ... don't know. ZBrush is an industry standard, so I assumed that its user experience could be better. But that's a theory.
  13. Thanks for your thoughts. I already own a 3DCoat license. So there is no need. Problem is ... I own it since about two years or so. Sometimes I tried to dive into 3DCoat but it happend everytime that I struggle with its UI and "how the things to be done". So I waited months because the new announced version (now 2021) should contain many many improvments. So I think about to give it another chance. But ... I'm not sure if I can go with it. The UI is widely the same. So ... maybe I come up better with ZBrush's UI. No clue. It's a difficult thing for me.
  14. Some time ago there was a similar thread. But it's months before. So let me ask today: What do you think? Could 3DCoat's painting and texturing capabilities replace Substance Painter? For me it's not easy to answer because I didn't work with both of them but plan to use it in the next months. So ... what decision could be best for the start? Yes, Substance is (still) the industry standard for 3d texturing / painting. But as far as I know 3DCoat has been raised its painting features. But I didn't found any article of "real world experience" with the newest versions of both software parts. What do I plan to do? Primarly texturing / painting 3D models and UV mapping. This question means ONLY the texturing / painting / uv capabilites!
  15. > There is no clear path it all depends on what you want to do with the application Yes - for sure! Hey, I work in Photoshop for years now. You have a thousand ways to achieve your individual goal. But you will find a way - easily and fast. And you can test it - duplicate a layer, test it, use it or leave it. As fas as I know that is not possible in 3DCoat. Hm ... I talk about three workflows that I just need: No. 1 - asset creation for game engines 1. modelling a basic object 2. create more details and shapes via sculpting 3. retopo for optimizing 4. paint textures 5. bake and export it as game asset No. 2 - work on imported characters 1. importing a character base from Character Creator 3 2. change/sculpt some aspects of the character mesh, add clothes, items ... 3. paint textures 4. export it for animation purposes in iClone (lastly export it from here to any 3rd party software). No. 3 - concept art 1. modelling a basic object 2. create more details and shapes via sculpting 3. paint basic textures 4. set up lighting 5. export it as image (or maybe via screenshot) for further editing/painting in photoshop It's complex and confusing. If you do not work in an exact order, at any point you will face strange issues (get it from different users in the web). So ... as far as I know, my three "workflows" needs different approaches - in different "work rooms". But that's the point ... it confuses me. Some tools are only in a specific room available. And if I do not work in the "correct" order, I never reach a good looking goal.
  16. As an artist, I planned to use 3DCoat for further concept arts. But I'm not sure if I want anymore. I know, there are some artist who're doing this way. But for me - coming from Photoshop & Co. - the workflow and the UI is ... creepy. I'm sorry. I own 3DCoat for years. Stepped in many times ... only for a couple of trials - and let it fallen because it's not really accessible. Maybe it's on me. I know there is a learning curve but ... I worked in many creative apps, like Photoshop, Indesign, PremierePro, Audition, Metashape, Substance, Blender and more ... but only 3DCoat seems to be a "wall". I do not understand it. I want it ... really. But ... it's so difficult. When Pilgway announces the upcoming version 2021 I hoped so much for a _really_ better entry and workflow. But it didn't happen. Maybe Pilgway could publish a whole (new) set of learning videos (not only these 40 sec. trailers) to train us how they think an effective workflow should go. Could be helpful.
  17. Maybe we forgot an important thing in this discussion. Actually I do not want to talk about but ... it's corona time. So, that may occur some trouble - less active employees!?
  18. Hm ... you're right but ... I think they should do it like Pixologic: Publish it and polish it. ZBrush users get regularly updates because this program was also not perfect at publishing date. So what ... nobody expects a perfect piece of software (at least not me :hi:). But if many user could take their hands on the new version Pilgway would get a whole bunch of feedback (and bug reports) to polish the program. Just my two cents. But on the other hand ... we are here ... have no clue what's going on behind the doors of the hard working software engineers of Pilgway. So @Pilgway: Keep up the good work!
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