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  1. Usually stuck directly, Nothing can run Maybe before performing this operation, It would be better to give a warning about S to S At least, I can rule out those "accidental" operations:laughing: Maybe the computer performance is good enough to ignore this problem? But if there are too many tris There should also be a risk of crashing ?
  2. nickloong

    3DCoat 2021 Open Beta test !

    hope work on formal soon。。。。。。
  3. as you see, i create a mobius ring Can i bake the color, form draw-room to sculpt room? If it's possible, Is it possible to convert vertex coloring to freeze? so i can realization, the idea of performing uv operations in high polygons??
  4. nickloong

    [Feature] Collision calculation

    !XD has send about the Description Don't know if you can see it,,,if not, can i send form Forum private message? my email is 2499796010@qq.com,Don't know if it will be blocked
  5. It’s just an idea, I don’t know whether it’s possible to realize it, it’s not difficult? It seems that cloth calculation Can it be calculated as collision gravity? Maybe this is complicated, But if the new version is considered, It can realize many interesting designs
  6. nickloong

    Use 3dCoat to create some exercises

    some thing about kamen rider
  7. nickloong

    Use 3dCoat to create some exercises

    ironman mk85 helmet for 3d printing
  8. My original design was mediocre, mostly copying ready-made characters or objects like this charactor: comic《ultraman》 adad
  9. It looks like it can only extrude vertically it can do some thing like this?(at retopo room too)
  10. Thank you for your advice! I have tried this method and it is really effective But it can’t be applied quickly in voxel mode If I want to do some quick exercises, it’s a bit Cumbersome, Need to repeatedly try to align the position
  11. can i adjust the cross section of the curves? like this feeling I don't know if this function is easy to implement, but it's More intuitive adjustment of some simple tube shapes, like create hair and Monster muscles...... the model on splines also can do something , but Specific effect is not reasonable The new version of the curve function seems to be similar, But the specific operation is a bit complicated, And torsion control point is not very convenient Sorry for asking such a question, Maybe I don’t know enough about this software. very happy that somebody can discusses this topic