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  1. Hello. Im using this great app in Surface devices...and I have a sugestion...let my explain (sorry for my bad english): Im sculpting using the stylus, here is no problem. When I made a pinch in or pinch out with two finger, the scene makes zoom in or out. If I rotate my "two fingers" the scenece makes a roll action... ...but when I slide one finger, the scene rotate using the axis of the space, not using the "screen reference", let me try to better explain: -If I have a head, with the upper side to axi Y. If I slide the finger from left to right, the head rotate using the Y axi. If I roll the head, so the axi Y now is pointing to the left of screen, if I sled my finger from left to right the scene not rotate using the Y SCREEN AXI, it rotates using the Y MODEL axi. Is it any possibility to when I rotate the scene using my finger, it rotate using the "screen space" instead using the "word space"??? Im looking for the customization navigation but here I cant manage the "touch" control. Thanks a lot.
  2. Yes. I tried almost all version (betas and stables) including 2022.30. A tried to install the last DEV channel version of windows 11, and tested several drivers from Intel web... :,(
  3. Hello. When use .16 version I have an average of 70fps ...but if update to any superior version the performance go down at only 7 or 8 fps. I'm using it in a Microsoft Surface Pro 8... ... Anyone have a clue about where is the problem? Thanks a lot
  4. Hello. Im using a Microsoft Surface Pro8... and the size of icons and text, after use the extra large size is still very low to use as touch interface... is it possible to increase it???
  5. Hello. Is it possible you update the community license? It is expired.
  6. The "comunity license" expired on 10 january...is there prevision to reupdate?
  7. Another work than finished today.
  8. Hi. Long time ago I was a fan of 3D Max...but I stop to use 3D program because I can’t port with a pc all day... ...the technology advance raised tablet pc (Surface’s Microsoft) and it lets me play with my hobbie...but the existent software can’t manage the touch environment than the new hardware has... ...but a day I went to 3dCoat...and I can say than it is te best sculpt software I never used...it let you sculpt, texturize and render with highest quality as any profesional sorfware...and let you work with touch environment and use a stylus!!! Now 3d Coat still need to be used in an iPad. All my designs are made with a i3 10th generation (low voltage processor, not desktop cpu)...the girl in beach has 20 millions polys...I exported it as obj and imported in my iPad Pro 2020 and it can perfectly manage in “nomad sculpt 3d” (iPad software to sculpt 3d).
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