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  1. I did sort out the first matter somehow, but black shadows are still there
  2. Hello everyone after my trail period with 3d coat modelling software, the choice to actually buy it was not so simple, reason being a major problem that i'm having using the software when it comes to depth and of course exporting the work in the right way. Issues that i hope someone here is willing to help my clearify, so I can keep enjoying skinning items. I use the software for Rust Skins only, made about 100 in my trial period only, even if all along i had the same problems. This morning after buying the whole version, a whole new problem showes up, in the first picture, my ak modified on the software looks as good as you get, once exported to Rust workshop tho, the second picture is what i ended up with this morning. I never had this "specular" issue before, all the other skins i've made I was able to load diffuse and specular just fine so at least the colors and the whole idea would look right. Now i was talking about depth before because even for the previus skins i've made, everytime i load the "normal" (color is always wrong, being the file most of the times all blue or gray) to get that depth going, the item in game would come up very dark with a weird shadow all over it. Anyone out there willing to help?