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  1. Based on my Post in dev thread I'd like to move this here, since it's more feature request
  2. I might've asked about these ones already still think they would be super useful, not my intention to nag, understand completely there are other priorities 1) May we have a facility to control Bend Volume in sculpt room with curves, in the same vein as we can control strokes size drawn along curves (with curves)? Use case: It is tough and time consuming to control the variation of size with Bend Volume, by only manipulating the individual radiuses of points. Controling the radius of bent model with curve would be a quick stop shop to do it 2) Bend Volume for Modeling room, using retopo groups and retopo models Use case: straight up bend finished topo models along curves, possible with finished UVs even, would be so handy and powerful in many modeling circumstances. Say, track belts for a vehicle could be done by modeling it "straight" then bending it into place. Or character parts, like waist belts, even hair geometry or horns or something. Thanks for any consideration, hope all is well and best of wishes!
  3. Hi, to be clear I think (we) mean these curves and export their data somehow, so we can make into these curves in blender
  4. That's true 3dcoat curves to blender curves might also be a cool community project, it hinges on whether we can for example get curve data from 3dcoat in meaningful way, serialize it and send it to blender in a manner that it needs to reconstruct the curve I haven't looked into any of it but on paper seems straight forward enough.. until it's maybe not
  5. Thanks so much for many updates this year, and hope all is well I have a question: was it ever in the cards to make it so 3DCoat curve can be sent to Blender, as Blender curve? Best,
  6. Hey, I think this is what I did (it's been a while) 1. got the .py files from https://github.com/mifth/mifthtools/tree/master/blender/addons/2.8/io_simple_3dcoat 2. put them in a folder, zipped the folder 3. in Blender, used the preferences→addons , install addon button — the one with which you can pick a .zip and install from Hope it helps
  7. Really want to present this idea briefly for an additional method of making selection with pose or freeze tool, possibly even hide tool. Thx in advance for any consideration: What if, could use the intersection area between geometries to "paint" freeze and pose area, or hide area. Here is an illustration to try and show what I mean. I think it could be handy for many situations for "precise" freeze / pose in 3d space. Additionally, maybe soft falloff area could be adjustable via something like volumetric distance in all directions around "source" if that makes sense.
  8. Just tested on 2021.91, Blender 3.0 (not sure which build) I can receive from Blender and send anything back in all rooms now Pog! very happy abt this Have not tried with textures/node setup yet Some scale issues, enormous initially in 3DCoat, then small in Blender and small on get-back to 3DCoat again. I'll try to resolve it with some of the settings Edit: Seems like I might have jumped the gun, while I can't identify how or why, sometimes I get send back (3dcoat→blender) problems with Paint room in particular Edit2: Yup, sorry after all, after a few successes now it unpredictably works or doesn't work. Sculpt room always works but retopo room and paint works only sometimes, nothing on getback in Blender but files definitely manifest in exchange folder. Which becomes ~\Documents\3DC2Blender\ApplinkObjects Edit3: Mifth's applink which I just tried, works! Exchange folder set to ~\Documents\3DCoat-2021\Exchange
  9. Hey @YousungI too can confirm these problems, they've been present for a long time. In my experience, the moment one goes 2k+ resolution, even on desktop hardware, the sliders struggle and become slow. It works well with vertex paint but not so much textures. Maybe it's not of help, but if you set up an external 2d editor e.g. Krita, Photoshop, Clip Studio, SAI... Anything then this option can be used to send a layer to that program, and usually something like HSV manipulation is much faster in there. Then can send back, by just saving, and then going into 3DCoat again. It's become my goto for changing something like contrast/hue/values/rgb because of this
  10. Regarding this problem, I found out that (it works properly) undo does not change the object if: the bend curve modifier is first applied → an object is picked from Sculpt Models panel instead of from VoxTree in other words, if model to be bent is picked from sculpt models it works like I want to wasn't aware that this was possible, it's actually very handy for reference its 1. apply bend volume to a curve 2. simply click an object in sculpt models panel in some ways this is more convenient too since don't have to have the models to be bent in vox tree
  11. Hello, I would like to give some feedback on a behavior which is present with bend volume tool in sculpt room 1. if you're working on several curves with bend volume modifier attached to them, and each a separate object 2. Modifying any one curve, and simply performing undo (intended to undo manipulation of curve 1 step) 3. It will result like in this video: all curves now get models replaced by last occurrence of bent model instead of what they had 5BDpj2koZ8.mp4 To me, this is quite undesirable, I have a need for bending multiple models simultaneously, and undo produces this, which I then have to fix pr curve by editing bend modifier and re-selecting the objects again I wonder if it would be possible we can get new default behavior: always keep the original object OR something like a "lock" ? to prevent the bent models changing undesirably thank you for any consideration!
  12. I noticed that gizmoless transforms also work in the Tweak room now, don't know since when just wanted to say thanks for providing that room with some love too There's something about the Tweak room, for quad basemeshes it just works very reliable, smooth and fast for what it is. I hope it won't be deprecated/you give up on it! While on the topic, an ability to ghost volumes in Tweak room would be great, but it's understandable if you don't want to divide focus on something like that now.
  13. I am having the same problem and have for some time, it's strange. Currently on 2021.83 and Blender 3.0 Trying to customize ui and un-hide, I could not find it either 3DCoat and Blender, these two apps I don't think will ever be "versus", they compliment one another incredibly well (according to me at least) with mutually exclusive features/tools. It almost feels improper to suggest 3DCoat devs concern themselves with this, but if there ever was an app which I think 3DCoat could benefit from a 1st party applink with that just plain works reliably and well, I'd have to say Blender applink. Might even convert some customers. (Omniverse a possibility too but that's perhaps uneven given it's a nvidia-only platform.) It's not exactly grueling to hop between apps manually but it kind of interrupts the flow and feels like a chore
  14. Thank you @Carlosan! That's exactly what I was looking for
  15. Hello, when I open a 3DCoat project as a new session, and import an object, I get the prompt to preserve the scale of the object for export (Yes or No). Clicking "Yes" will ostensibly scale the entire scene — and in my experience when exporting, the relative size of the object imported into 3DCoat is maintained 1:1 in the origin app when exporting from 3DCoat. This is a great and very essential feature and saves a ton of scaling work or messing about with units, etc. However, here's my quesiton: Is this scale stored anywhere? Is it possible to persist it between sessions, like "loading" this scale setting for instance when working with something that is intended to be sent to Blender or something? I can find FBX export units mm/cm/m but not anything like scene scale anywhere. I'd much appreciate any info on where I can find something like current scene scale relative to default scene scale, or change it, if it exists Thank you for your time and any responses
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