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  1. I would like to ask, can we get a RMB click context option for viewing and copy-paste full directory paths on folder elements, and any such files / objects as: • environment maps • brush alphas • poly models • sculpt models • stencils , et cetera? Would be very handy in situations where one wants to see where the items reside, or add one's own materials in a meaningful way without having to looking through 3dcoat directories in explorer e.g. (windows) taking us to ~\Documents\3DCoat-2021\UserPrefs\... or ~\Program Files\3DCoat-2021\... Thank you for any consideration
  2. This is great, the scale graph parameter is very handy I'd like to suggest that scale graph would also be a very welcome control in the Curve→Bend Volume tool, already can change the scale somewhat using the curve radius, but it's challenging for curves with many points
  3. hello, yes I will see what I can do, and I can then probably post it in tutorial forum
  4. Here my result of some quick experimenting with recent added tools to produce real time hair solely in 3DCoat there's really good potential. For my use, much prefer what's available in this app now over, ornatrix, xgen, blender, etc this is a typical thing that a lot of users that do character work obsess over, just thought I would bring some attention to the possibility it's thanks to things like, global uniform uv unwrap, curve tools in model and sculpt, bake y-depth in sculpt room, recently added local curvature map, light baking, etc so thanks to developers for all these tools they're great
  5. Hello, this is not to say "we have this already" and might not exactly be what you're looking for but here's one method on how to group/parent multiple sculpt object, in case it help IprhYccmKo.mp4
  6. To add onto previous, I quickly tested a few versions, 2021.22, the problem's the same However on my currently oldest installation, 2021.B55 it works as expected. This might be a problem with versions starting from 2021.X nXNcldamhT.mp4
  7. Tested on 2021.27 and 2021.30 Could anybody confirm this? • Tweak room, move tool performs almost a "double effect" on pull, as in drag→release→doubly offsetting the geometry more than intended, making it quite unusable WMy9091bW0.mp4
  8. I noticed this completely by chance, thought I would give a heads up The curve Text tool or type tool from B55 is not present in latest 2021.x versions
  9. A short while ago I sent a bug report for 2021.17 , experiencing some initial crashes on repeat attempts with the muscle/tube tool using alpha on a roughly 500k vox layer, while it was fine in 2021.16 I think my bug report can be safely dismissed after all, because after a while the crashing ceased completely and it works fine now without any problems
  10. apologies in advance, hope it's not too out of order that I post this here, instead of own thread in another forum or by mail I would like to propose a vox/surface sculpting tool, inspired by "elastic deform" tool from Blender sculpting room (this is not meant as X software has this—so 3DCoat should have it, I just overall think it would be a very good fit) here's two videos of how this tool behaves, without freezing and with freezing c7TXJXDQoc.mp4 ZDMvW6lK2R.mp4 The exact need or usecase for this tool would be in situations where one wants to modify the overall contour, silhouette of an object by dragging on it, making changes in a smoothly interpolated way across entire surface/vox object We almost have this behavior already in Move and Shift tools, or much like dragging just 1 handle or point on pose tool's lattice deformation cage The way it would differ with existing "move tool" is this: • it would not break the surface so to speak, not make any "mountains" or stretch, regardless of voxel density or surface point density DW6OLglfka.mp4 • it would work more like a magnet, in that it has a range of influence over the entire sculpt object, and does not "drag" the area under the brush • entire object surface area would be pulled along drag unless frozen brush alpha could perhaps be used to modulate the degree of pinching or convergence of the deformation, a 'sharp' alpha would make the dragged part of object converge in a point, 'round' alpha more spherical a parameter in tool options could be something like "range of influence", 0.0 to 1.0 where 1.0 influences the entire object from pick/drag point and 0.0 no drag Thank you for your consideration, time and work!
  11. Some examples of this would be Jetbrains Toolbox, where Jetbrains IDE users can manage and update all their IDE softwares. Or Maxon (cinema 4d guys) Maxon App. Clip Studio, the paint program, has a launcher app where you can see all projects and update, see news, etc. Talking about this
  12. Might be worth considering, to have a lightweight launcher client window one day, something like "3DCoat launcher", "Pilgway launcher" It could have features e.g., • View all available apps, 3DCoad, 3DCoat Textura, whether installed or not, with option to perform clean install or first time install • Connected with account, manage user account, stores serials/licenses • Automatically retrieve most recent build of 3DCoat, with option to install or update/overwrite present local installation • Manage content libraries and install things like, packages for 3DCoat with textures from the new PBRLibrary • Manage floating license, license servers
  13. Hi, having some problem, likely bug with selections and selecting faces in modeling / retopo room since B55, currently on 2021.02 and it has persisted My guess is, this has to do with new method of selecting faces Expected behavior: ctrl+LMB with brush deselects faces, behavior in build: some new faces are selected, some deselected but not always siIHBDWzeC.mp4 Deselecting / selecting using rectangle works fine though Has nothing to do with this but want to say finally, congratulations on the release and thanks to entire pilgway team, I upgraded my license today and is very satisfied with 2021 overall
  14. @iRadovsky hope this can help, Here is a simple model in modeling room, it has sculpt mesh sync turned on but without subdivision for now. Subdividing it, it will look as how you expect, all smoothed one iteration In retopo room, under tweak, you have the tool "sharp edges" Here, I shift-LMB clicked a loop with this tool, to mark the edge loop as sharp. "Sharp" edge appears blue/cyan in the viewport, this is true for imported models as well. Lastly, in model room again, subdividing this time produces a sharper edge and geometry to accommodate sharp edge, where the sharp edge was marked
  15. Hello, I have some feedback regarding curves tools option "create from selected edges", this is B54 To sum up first, it would be beneficial if curves created from a ring-selection or similar, could be separated immediately via an option I'll explain in more detail here to better show what I am talking about 1) have geometry, here cylinder. 2) Select longitudal edges / ring selection. 3) Use option "CreateFromSelectedEdges" under Curves menu 4) I get singular curve item for all these selected edges 5) subidividing the curve reveals, these curves though they appear separate at first are in actuality continuous 6) to separate them I have to select the extremities points and use curve separate command 7) now after deleting adipose curve parts I didn't want, I have them all as separate curves Bottom line: this kind of operation to create many curves can be very powerful and beneficial, but it would be more convenient if they could become separate curves immediately, perhaps with its own option Thanks for your consideration
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