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    Newbie, multiple objects paintroom question

    Ive seen that video already thanks. Yeah that's exactly what I have done and they are already retopoed and baked and already exported. It has nothing to do with sculpt room, I am just trying to find out how to import those separate 3b files into the paint room together so I can see the whole thing while I paint each object. It does not give me the option to bring in any 3b files to the paint room especially multiple objects in that file format with the baked information. Basically lets say I already modeled my hourse, but the window frames,door and roof are separate objects. I already baked it out correctly. Each object was done separately and never was in a scene together not as a whole and saved out exported as a 3b file. i want to bring in each 3b file together into the paint room again import somehow but 3d coat does not let me.
  2. ArtRaptor

    Newbie, multiple objects paintroom question

    That is cool information and all but, the issue is I don't have a complete scene even yet. I am trying to figure out how to bring multiple .3b baked files into one scene to piece together my structure first. They are all separate saved files. Sorry about the misunderstanding.
  3. Greetings, I am new around here hiyas! I just am learning how to use 3D coat. I do have a question about multiple objects. Okay here is the situation: I have a building structure I sculpted, retopo, and I baked each piece of it separately since it is multiple objects. My question is what would be the best way to go about taking all those baked items in 3d coat and combining them into one room together for painting my building/structure? Any extra videos and tutorials would also be very helpful in my learning.