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  1. Hi 3dcoat forum members, My name's Sam and i'm an entrepreneur from Pittsburgh,PA. I am creating a product that will act as a digital art frame and have a unique idea that requires an artist, with 3d printing or autocad specialities. 1. I am either paying you upfront for the work or giving you royalties on product sales. 2. NDA signing will be required. 3. Artist will get full credit for work, featured front and center on our website, which we estimate, will have 12k+ views first month. All art collectors. The idea is a small 10 x 5 inch plastic frame with unique features, shapes, and artistic designs. If your interested I would love to hear back from you via DM's or email with photos of projects you've done. (can be anything, i'm a huge art collector with a wide range of taste). My email is samjsarvas@gmail.com Looking forward to hearing from you all as we are trying to hire this week. Thanks.