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  1. What you need to do is stop automatically sending the mesh back to Blender, that will stop an Applink collection being created. Because after I delete the new mesh, I can click get back and the new UV created appears to stick. That way we are back to how it used to work
  2. Uninstalled 2022, 4.9 and all the Document files. Installed 2022 and it still creates doc folders for 4.9 So you end up with 4 coat folders. could not get applink to work. uninstalled 2022 ,deleted folders installed 3DCoat 4.9.72 and Applink is working again, returned object does not create new objects. re_install 2022, applink receives object, then creates new objects when sending them back. Note that it does not wait until you press "get back", it just sends then through. Also the poor thing is doing some strange things 4.9.72 does not do this with same mesh. see below, dont get that lop sided shell in 4.9
  3. When UV I get the mesh back , in Blender its in a collection call Applink_Objects . I then have to rename and delete older mesh
  4. Just got around to upgrading last version I could get was 3DCoat 2022.34 Very quick process. Installing .46 now But still use 4.9.72 when I Applink From Blender to UV , need to sort out my Applink when using 2022. very good Applink working well
  5. that link works, I worked out I could get a 2021.xx version and update to 2022.34 through the update manager What does not work is accessing through the "My licences " web page, only the 2021 versions have live links. anything with 2022 does not work
  6. Well the links to access my free updates for 1 year only work up to the 7 month period , after that the links are all dead and do nothing. I find it deceptive to allow updates past the expired period, then declare "you are now on a learning" licence without warning. And then to add insult, on trying to get the latest version one has payed for , find the links are dead.
  7. I cannot download my expired 2021 perpetual version up to my expired upgrade update date, 3DCoat 2022.34 the download link does nothing . The latest version I can download is 2021.96. I had payed for updated until 13-07-2022. So I basically cannot access 5 months of bug fixes and updates....
  8. This started after updating the applink as the update manager suggested. uninstalled 4.9 and 2022, reinstalled 4.9 after deleting all the 3dcoat files in documents. And now working as before, will not be reinstalling 2022, its a hot mess
  9. this is why you want the mesh to remain in the original position. When you bake you get this offset mesh in substance painter using a high poly mesh, you want to the two to be in the same position else you get this result , because the 2 meshes are out of sync
  10. so now instead of pressing ""get back"" applink automatically returns a duplicate, offset a bit. Why? how is this any better than the old method? why would I want a duplicate mesh ?
  11. Have been using this function for 3 years and now it seems to be broken. From blender to 3dcoat for auto UV used to be quick , now I have no ideas whats going on
  12. If you going to run a forum, you really need to understand English
  13. Just how are you supposed to auto retopo, the workflow in 3DCoat seems to have been designed by an alien. Every time I start this software it always ends in frustration trying to workout just what the developers were thinking . Its about time they came out of the basement and reworked everything how 80% of the population has learnt to work.
  14. trying to snap to a vertex in retopo room, vert refuses to snap 2022-04-01 09-51-29.mkv
  15. Not a problem, no idea whats going on there. Other works fine at the 90 degree angles, might must be the 180 angle causing the problem.
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