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  1. The Modeling and Sculpt room geometry link, some further nitpicking - changes in a Modeling object do not automatically propagate onto a linked Sculpt object. Both the Make Sculpt Mesh (Modeling room) and Conform Retopo Mesh (Sculpt room) are selected. One has to hover over and click any of the drop-down menu tabs at the top of the UI in order for the changes to be updated. The reverse action - Sculpt room changes propagated to a linked Modeling room object - usually work fine, although at rare occasions the link breaks altogether (despite the Make Sculpt Mesh and Conform Retopo Mesh selected).
  2. Thanks, wasn't aware that renaming will work as well. Ideally, I'd use a separate command in the Mesh drop-down menu to instantly produce an unlinked mesh - similarly to the different options available in the Geometry menu within the Sculpt space.
  3. When transferring a Modeling asset to Sculpt space using Mesh > Make Sculpt Mesh, the link between the low-poly asset and the sculpt is retained which causes changes in Sculpt space being deleted upon re-entering the Modeling space. Duplicating the sculpt object allows to bypass this behaviour although it feels counterintuitive and adds clutter to the SculptTree.
  4. None of the Clay/Draw brushes can be inverted using an assigned shortcut. The 'UI identifier INVACTION not found. See log.txt' message pops up. Brush inversion can still be executed while brushing with Ctrl key pressed. Issue persists on both B39 and B40.
  5. Navigation using 3D mouse seems to have lost a lot of it accuracy in B39 (haven't tested B40 yet). In 4.9.72 (first half of the video) I can effortlessly zoom, pan and rotate into any detail of the sculpt that I choose. In B39, there's a considerable amount of 'tilting' of the geometry across the screen while navigating with the 3D mouse. An attempt to zoom into a detail section will often result in zooming into an adjacent section of the object. The haptic feeling while navigating is that of having a pushback against the kind of fluidity that previous versions have. The video might not do justice to the argument as 50% of the issue is the tactile 3D mouse response to the operator - although I do believe one can see more precision in on-screen navigation in the 4.9.72 screencast. One can see that there have been programming changes to the 3D navigation as the 3D mouse pop-up settings window looks differently between 4.9 and B39. 3DCoat 3D mouse navigation has previously been only bettered by that of Rhino in my opinion. It would be great not to see regression in that aspect.