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  1. It would be nice if 3Dbrush could remember the folder which was used last for loading/saving. It's a nuisance navigating through all the hard disk every time I open it. An alternative would be a setting for a working folder or something. I know this is a minor point, but nonetheless I'd find it handy.
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    Playing with 3d brush

    Wow! I love that frog! *ggg*
  3. esha

    Adjusting pen pressure?

    Oh! There it is... I was looking for it in the pen menu. No wonder I couldn't find it there Thanks for the quick reply!
  4. Hi @all, I'm fairly new to 3DBrush, but I already like it. Now I'm experimenting, and here's my first question: Is there a way to change the pen pressure? For example: I painted some folds on a dress object. Now I want to smooth them. But the smoothing is so strong that the folds disappear almost entirely. I only want to smooth them a little bit. Changing the brush size is no solution, the radius is smaller but the smoothing is still strong. Changing the pressure would be just what I need. How can I do that?