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  1. voxinbain

    Free Glass Materials

    More free glass materials: 3DCoat Materials Glass + Broken.zip 2 x Glass + 2 x Broken Glass. Have fun! [ Disable layer 0 ]
  2. voxinbain

    Free Glass Materials

    Special thanks to @ArnoAlexander whose post helped me a lot
  3. voxinbain

    Free Glass Materials

    Updated! Free Glass Materials [Updated] Updated materials. This version is recommended. Manual: Install the material. Set the opacity of the glass layer in the Smart Material Editor to 100%. Apply material to your model. Set the opacity of the layer 0 to 10%. Set the Opacity of the layer 1 to 20%. Done! You can change the values as you like, as well as the color of the glass, until you get the desired result. Thank you!
  4. voxinbain

    Free Glass Materials

    Hello! It should be there, I double checked, the link is working, re-installed the material, make sure you uncheck layer 0.
  5. Hello! These are free glass materials, 3 options. They are very simple, do not judge strictly. I will accept constructive criticism! Have fun! Free Glass Materials
  6. voxinbain


    Hello! Is it possible to use glass shaders instead of smart material and if so how?
  7. voxinbain

    Running 3DCoat on a slow PC

    Hello! I am running 3DCoat on a very slow computer and it is very slow. I understand that this is just my problem, but is it possible to somehow speed up the work, optimize the settings, can I reduce the FPS or disable something? Thank you!
  8. voxinbain

    Looking for free glass material

    I think I found it here, haven't tried it yet, but it looks interesting! https://3dcoat.com/forum/index.php?/topic/21067-making-glass-in-3d-coat/
  9. voxinbain

    Looking for free glass material

    Yes, thanks! I saw this link, but I need free stuff. It's strange that there are so many different materials out there, but I couldn't find any other glass material other than this, I will probably have to try to create one myself...
  10. Hello! Where can I find free glass material? Please share.
  11. voxinbain

    [Solved] Texture distortion

    Perfect! Thanks so much!
  12. voxinbain

    [Solved] Texture distortion

    Thanks for the quick response! Here is my UV made by 3DCoat automatically. The texture on it is really stretched. The same distortion on all surfaces of the model that are at an angle of 45 degrees. I used smart materials and got this result.
  13. voxinbain

    [Solved] Texture distortion

    Hey! My question is, why could there be such a distortion of the texture? I created a model in blender, unwrapped it and saved it in the obj. I tried Retopo > Auto seams > Unwrap in 3DCoat, but the result is the same. Help.