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  1. Here in 2021.57, from a Google search. I wanted to shift-select multiple layers in the Paint room / Textura, to hide multiple layers simultaneously using the eye icon on the layers panel. OR, click, hold, and drag like in Photoshop. Right now there can be a blank layer created by exporting to Photoshop. If you come back to the project and don't remember what's on that layer, it's a pain to click off 20+ other layers to check it.
  2. Having this problem in Textura 2021.57 Using the Pick tool in Texture Editor works fine, but not the keyboard shortcut. As above, the file has multiple UV maps.
  3. Similar in Textura 2021.57 not sure if this is a bug: Can't hold ctrl+z to go back multiple steps, have to keep pressing the key. In Photoshop you can hold to keep undoing or scroll back through the history panel. Does this not exist in 3Dcoat?
  4. Thanks Carlosan! I tried before and it wasn't working, is now. A few bugs like this somehow reset when 3dcoat is reopened.
  5. Textura 2021.57 I just want a flat background and thought it would be easier to change the background color using a file instead of picking Top and Bottom color. You can't paste a HEX code and can't pick it from Color Palette Image Picker (*Edit: this part is false, it is an option), you can only choose it from the color square in the toolbar. Below, I changed the loaded PNG to this red color but the background stayed the original color the PNG used to be 5 saves ago. You have to give the file a new name each time you want to change it. The caching behavior is not great, but it would be even better to just have an option to choose a single color, paste hex codes, and even pick it from Image Picker.
  6. It's currently impossible to sample colors from outside the app? Textura 2021.57 I found that people use Image Picker inside the Color Palette instead. It would save time to have multiple instances of the same panel, especially for the Color Palette. Image Picker + HSL Color Picker: There are probably good use cases for copying other panels as well, like textures.
  7. Tested in versions 2021.04, .53, and .57 Sent in a bug report as well. Opening from a file works, just not the paste button.
  8. In case anyone is out there Googling how to import Photoshop ABR brushes into 3DCoat: Click that + at the end: Then choose Open Texture File. I'm certain people are getting lost here, it won't occur to the average user that an ABR file is considered a "texture" file. When the file window opens, all good: Hope this helps someone.
  9. Was this feature ever added? Using the latest version 2021, having the same problem as Wilson66 and Mickboy.
  10. This is unnecessary. It's about UX problems, it isn't personal. I've seen way too many defensive responses to other users from 3DCoat staff and affiliates, here and on the YouTube channel. As if anyone who's having trouble or thinks the program has issues is wrong or stupid. "ZBrush is much worse". Absolutely not to this extent. I learned ZBrush recently enough to know this and was able to use it for work within weeks. Yes there are hurdles, but they create high-quality tutorials with every release and have multiple ways to get help. In the past few years I also learned 4 other 3D packages, all easier to start in. I made this post because this is not the first time I've encountered issues every step of the way in 3D Coat. This time I had a record of what actually happens, though yes more screenshots would help. Nonetheless I'd hope this is considered useful information if there's a goal to improve UX. I described specific problems in detail. Specific answers are helpful.
  11. Thanks digman, just two sets. Unfortunately I can't share this file. But maybe one problem could be that it's over the limit for triangles for Learning version. Screenshot. Separately, I thought maybe I can get to the UV room with UV Sets intact if I used the "Apply UV-set" button, but the whole app crashes. I sent in a bug report, but could also be related to tri limits on Learning?
  12. This is not very urgent but I wasn't able to post to the other forum, it's greyed out. Current problem: I can't export. If this is a function of the Learning version, it's bad: I'm a new user and literally can't continue my project. Why: I started UVing a model in the Retopo Room. I'll get into the reasons for that below, but one reason is that it's recommended in the forums here and 3D Coat videos which is unintuitive: of course a new user will think they should UV in the UV Room. Anyway, I wanted to hide a whole UV set (or object "B" in the Paint Objects menu in my screenshot, which would function the same way for me). Problem: unfortunately clicking the eye on the Paint Objects menu doesn't hide it, it just makes it slightly transparent. Problem: I don't know how to hide it (the whole Object group at once, I don't want to hide polygon islands one by one). Googling didn't turn up anything useful, only old videos and forum posts with outdated UI menus I can't find. So I thought I will just go to UV Room and finish there. Problem: can't do that because the UV Sets I set up in the Retopo Room are NOT in the UV Room. I don't know how to transfer the sets. I read that models are all different between rooms, so you actually HAVE to export? I don't want to start over in the UV Room because that has problems too, which is why I started in Retopo Room to begin with. How I got to this point: Imported a model for UV unwrapping, went to UV Room. In UV Room, created new UV sets. Cleared the auto-generated seams and clicked Unwrap to get groups. Started adding those groups to my new Sets. Problem: part of my model has A LOT of little islands. I did not want to manually shift-click each one, so I thought I'd just drag and select many at once. Problem: this isn't possible in the UV Room(?), only in Retopo Room. Great. So I go to Retopo Room and Problem: discover my mesh is all grey, can't select anything. I don't know what to do, none of the tutorials I can find show this and they're all outdated. Hours later I find an answer: Restore UV button. Now I try to select those small parts by drag-clicking and Problem: it doesn't work. I don't know why. Also now my model is tiny. I don't know what's going on, I quit the software and restart and re-do all the steps. Now it works, I can select like expected. Problem: the selection only gets the front facing polygons. I don't know how to change this, so all I can think to do is select as many as I can and then click Expand A LOT until the entire geometry is selected. So finally I move those and everything else to the Sets I want. And I want to start making seams, but part of the model is in the way. Back to paragraph 1 above. Maybe exporting can be solved by buying the software? But there were 9 other problems in the course of trying to do something very simple. That makes me worry that I won't want to use this even if I buy. What's the recommended solution for someone who wants to keep learning before they commit?
  13. Guys, the UI & UX is a real problem for a new user. Every time I open 3DCoat and try to do anything (besides painting, which is OK), I end up only troubleshooting. Even importing is not straightforward, there are so many different options. All I want is to simply import the file and then do whatever — like any other software. Not worry about why nothing is working when I click on the model, or why the model disappears in certain "rooms" or when some tools are clicked. ZBrush also gets critiqued for UI, but at least they make a lot of clear, fast, and up-to-date tutorials + #AskZBrush series. There's no one question here, it's the whole process. If you think the UI is fine and the user is at fault, then please provide new tutorials for us simpletons. I'm taking the time to write this because I really want to like and buy 3DCoat. It seems like it has great tools. It's just not worth it to waste time and get nowhere, over and over. I see a lot of people say the same, and I'm sure a lot more simply give up and don't bother saying anything. ... Anyway, I heard it's good for UV. I decided to try today on a multi-part (subtools / objects) sculpt. Here's how it went: Importing: So many options! Don't know what half of them are for. I picked Retopo Mesh. It shows up auto-unwrapped for some reason, with a bunch of stuff I can't clear: colored lines, etc. Don't know how to clear the auto-UVd islands from the preview. Search tutorials (all old) and see UV Room is not the best for UV — use Retopo. What?? In Retopo room, I notice another Import option in Mesh menu. (Why?) So I try it, but when I click Mark Seams tool the whole model disappears. No idea what that's about, so back to File > Import I go. Replacing the model is also convoluted; parts are left behind and have to be deleted one by one from the Polygroups menu? Horrible if your scene has a lot of parts. I don't know what to do except quit the software and restart, which I did, 5+ times now for different reasons. Trying again: I start in Retopo > File > Import > Retopo Mesh, again. Some Tool Options flyout is open. Click Apply. It asks "Do you want imported mesh topology to be snapped to voxel/reference mesh" — NO idea what this means. > No, I guess. Again, cyan and magenta lines. Found this: I feel the same as that person: "I think I'll just use another program for my UV mapping. I just want to quickly UV a model, I don't want to have to deal with these quirks." Even if I keep trying: How can I UV symmetrically? The Symmetry menu doesn't work how I think it will. How do I UV just one part (Poly Group?) at a time and unwrap ONLY that one to see its islands? + Many more issues I can't recall or describe, just idiosyncratic "quirks".
  14. That's perfect, thank you digman. I never would have guessed at those menu options.
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