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  1. Hi I wanted to customize my UI a bit more and noticed that this function in preferences does not work as I would expect: If I hit this checkbox in a new session it hides the panel but if I change to full screen mode and back the Tool appear again. Also if I start a new session it doesnt remember this option. Its always "checked" on my end but I have to do it again everytime.
  2. Hi, I've tested the Multires function in the new 2022.51 Version. Retopo as lowest seams to work very well But one thing behaves strange: If I use the Pose Tool to pose the lowest Multires Mesh, I am not able to use "smooth selection" but the bigger Problem is that it breaks my highest Mulitres Mesh in the deformed area. Maybe the picture explains better what I mean:
  3. Hi I've tested the new Multires Feature with "Add the lowest level from Retopo room" Steps: added the Highres to the sculpt Room -> hit Autopo -> hit "Add the lowest level from Retopo room" I m getting this result on every Surface Mesh.
  4. After Updating 3DCoat from 2022.10 to 2022.16 one of my working files seems to be corrupted. I got instant crashes if I am using essential things like symmetrical copy and converting a Surface mesh into voxel mode. The bad thing is I got no automatic bug reports. That forces me to go back to 2022.10. With a clean new File, these problems do not happen. I don't know if these Infos help but I wanted to tell you.
  5. Hi the normals are ok. I only expected normal maps to be baked as details in the highpoly, which seems to only be the case with displacement maps. But I haven't managed to generate a displacement map that transfers these details well. My goal is to find a workflow for quick posing outside of 3DCoat. What I want is to create a highpoly, then make it lowpoly via autopology, bake maps, then rig it via mixamo, pose it and import the posed mesh back to 3DC and use the maps to bring the details back to the highpoly. With this I want to iterate the final pose for 3D printing faster. Hope that make sense
  6. OK sry I am noticed that my displacement Maps I bake are really Bad but found an different 3DC Thread with the displacement topic.
  7. Hello, new problem with "Take subdivided Paint Mesh into the sculpt room" feature. Normal maps and displacement maps are ignored and are not baked into the highpoly as details. I only get the color map. Isn't that part of the feature yet? Steps: 1. Imported Mesh into Paint Room 2. imported Albedo + Normal Map 3. In sculpt room "Take subdivided Paint Mesh into the sculpt room" Then it is subdivided + color map but is missing all details Details I expect here: and details I get in sculpt room:
  8. Thanks for reply! It seemed to be a local issue from my side. I started my machine today and now it works without any crash. o.O
  9. Hi, everytime I am using the newer Feature to Bake the subdivided Paint Mesh into sculpt room with Vertex color, 3DC is crashing. Has anyone else this Problem? I tested 2021.91 and 2021.66 with different models. Crash Reports are on the way. Cheers.
  10. Hi, so many great things in the release notes but still marked as Beta. When can we expect a new "stable" version? I use Coat in a company and we don't allow to use of Beta versions.
  11. Hi, I have some kind of feature request: Is it possible to have an optional Viewport Anti-Aliasing Option ? The edges in Blender are much smoother and I was wondering if its good for 3DCoat as well. I know it is potential via Nvidia Settings but if I do it like this the whole UI is blurred too and more by every brushstroke I take. Best regards
  12. Hi, I tested it with MoveDegree 100% and crazy values like 300%. The result is the same
  13. Update in V.9 the Move Tool works both with steady stroke and without very smooth.
  14. Hi, I wanna show the move tool issue that I mentioned with a gif this is the behavior in 2021.39. First I move it free and then holding control to move in the normal direction. In a fresh 2021.21 version, there was a steady stroke option for the move brush the ctrl function behaves similarly. As I mentioned I believe the steady stroke is activated in the background.
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