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  1. Are you on Mac or PC ? From my side, I’m very glad with 3DCoat on my PC Windows 10. It works fine and is umbeatable for retopo, sculpting and UVs. I don t like substance subscription obligation, you have to pay every month to be able to use the software. If you don’t need to use the software during one or two months, you still have to pay during those months.This is not good and unfair. Blender is not as good as 3D Coat for sculpting, retopo and UVs and by far. But it s an open source software, Free, with no support, it can t compare to 3DCoat. Blender is great for low poly modeling, but like many other SUBD modelers like Cinema4D, Maya, 3DSMAX, Modo, etc zBrush is the direct concurrent of 3DCoat. It s very good and powerfull but not as good as 3DCoat for retopo and UVs. And it’s not so easy to use with plenty keys combinations to know very well. The other software I use all the Time is Rhino3D v7. It s umbeatable for curve modeling l and also vector extrusions and creating good assets for games for exemple.
  2. Thanks very much to the webmaster. I have successfully upgraded to V2021 PRO with a manual link sent by email by the webmaster. It tooks 5 minutes to process the upgrade. Evrything works fine now. I love the low poly and curve functions, they are really prowerfull. thanks for the support,
  3. Thanks very much to the webmaster. I have successfully upgraded to V2021 PRO with a manual link sent by email by the webmaster. It tooks 5 minutes to process the upgrade. Evrything works fine now. I love the low poly and curve functions, they are really prowerfull. thanks for the support,
  4. I guess the problem comes from they have completly changed their website exactly at the same time with the launch of 3D Coat 2021. It was probably too much at the same Time. At the beginning , they were talking of July 5th for the website migration with a soft launch and July 12th for 3D Coat. But everything went at the same Time for some obscure reasons.
  5. Thanks, I have replied you. Good luck to manage my 2 licences blocked to V4 !
  6. @webmaster for me, nothing has changed. I still can not select V4 licences in my account to upgrade them to V2021. They are gray, telling me they are already in the cart, which is empty. Good luck for the hard work, I guess you have many bugs to resolve. Pierre
  7. I think random manipulations may create unwanted results and by worse than just waiting an official solution from the Pilgway team. I prefer to wait than being charged and refunded with the upgrade cost or getting an unwanted floating licence instead of a node locked one. The webmaster knows the different problems we met. Let's wait an official communication from him.
  8. Here is my screen I see with my 3DCoat V4 licences on my Pilgway account. I have no upgrade option or button except the one to download old V4 executables. Impossible to upgrade to V2021
  9. We are several users to get this problem. I have exactly the same problem too with my 2 V4 PRO licences I can't select to upgrade to V2021. Others users have this issue too. The webmaster is working on this issue. I would advice to wait further instructions from Pilgway team and not trying random manipulations. Some users even paid for an upgrade to V2021 which has been canceled today and their money refund because of bugs. Another user is using a floating license instead of a node lock licence he bought. Many bugs and mistakes in this upgrade... I think V2021 never should has been released yesterday, the website is clearly not ready. Hopefully, we will get our upgrades soon once the V4 licences problems are solved. 3DCoat is one of the best 3D software for creation, by far. But the website seem a little bit...buggy :-)
  10. Hi Yepkoo Thanks for the information. I have tried with www.pilgway.com and also www.3dcoat.com but I get the same problem on both. I have tried to create a Google account and transfert my old V4 licences on it but I get the same bug: I can not select it to upgrade to V2021. Webmaster is working on the default, hoppfully, the problem should be solved in the next hours. If not possible, I think the department sales should proceed with a manual upgrade instead of waiting an hypothetical solution. Personnally, I started to work with the demo version of V2021 but I need to be sure to be able to use it after 20 days... This is a professionnal tool I use for customers. We really need to have visibility to what happens and when we will be able to upgrade. Please Pilgway team, can you make an official communication about this subject ? Thank you, Pierre
  11. I have tried with 3 browsers: Firefox, EDGE and Chrome on a PC Windows and also Safari on a Mac, at different time. Same problem evrywhere. Upgrading is impossible. I think there are several critical bugs on the website wich avoid some people to make the upgrade. It would be nice to have a support coming here or by email, explaining what's happens. For the moment, we have no visibility and we can not upgrade. I use 3DCoat for professional projects and I need to know when I will be able to use it for my projects.
  12. Here is the screen copy of the problem. My cart is empty but the website tells there are already the licenses ready to upgrade in the cart. Thank you If not possible to solve the problem, is it possible to make a manual upgrade with the sales departement ? I'm waiting for 3D COAT V2021 for 2 important projects.
  13. Hi I have changed my password , I can connect to my account , I see my 2 V4 PRO old licenses but I still can not upgrade them to V2021. It says they are already in my cart for the upgrade but it’s empty. I have tried maybe 10 times for the last hours. Changing password, trying different browsers, different computers. Webmaster has tried several things, support also but nothing has changed. Is it possible to proceed with a manual upgrade with the sales departement ? thank you for your support, Pierre Gibouin
  14. Nothing has changed. Same issues, impossible to upgrade.
  15. i have exact the same problem than Preecher. Same issues, same screens. Problem not solved for the moment. Impossible to upgrade.
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