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  1. Thanks, I didn't notice about new new version. Also in 2021 ver the retopo tool Strokes is not working.
  2. 3D COAT 2021.01 In retopology mode use Strokes but it don't work and not draw line around the model. Is this a bug? dddddddddddd.mp4
  3. from 3D COAT 2011 to 3D COAT 4.8.25 ver 10 years but this bug still exist Using symmetry ON you can face a BUG that can't be fixed. Topology with symmetry ON and one of the symmetrical sides can automatically swap that can cost problem and program crash. EpW9yNCWMAICsWi.mp4
  4. 3D COAT 4.8.25 When use retopology tool the model is disappears when you use Quads or Points/Faces brush. You can reset the camera the default position but it not solve the problem. Even you closed 3D COAT and start fresh scene! ezgif-2-31d9bf8d5839.mp4
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